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    I'm Dr. Hazel-Grace Yates

    I am oh so human. I feel my emotions down to my core. From sheer ecstasy to soul-shaking grief to pure unadulterated joy--I feel them all, just like you. And those emotions, that humanity, is what drives me to do the work I do. As an intimacy coach, my goal is to help people to feel free. Passionate. Uninhibited. Turned on. Excited about the possibilities in and out of the bedroom. I want you to feel all of the yummy goodness about sex and then use those emotions and go forth and bring that energy to all aspects of your life.


    I adore being an intimacy coach because I get to educate and empower people on their sexual journeys. Together we will explore, question, and confront challenges in a safe space. Your journey is sacred; my intent is to honor you and your growth during our time together. My goal is not to fix you. My goal is to empower you and allow you to work through your blocks to become the most liberated, radiant human being you can be.


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  • "I worked with HazelGrace to overcome my fear of intimacy. I’ve put up barriers or have not been completely present in my relationships. I have missed out on experiencing some of life’s sacred moments and has caused me a great deal of pain. I decided to confront my fears and challenge my conventions. She creates a safe place where I felt free to be me without judgment. HazelGrace is wise, compassionate, and exudes beauty both inside and out. She truly wants to help and I believe she genuinely wants me to find peace in my heart. Thank you for helping me, HazelGrace Yates!"

    — Male, Age 32

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