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    I am Hazel-Grace

    I am Hazel-Grace and I am so very human. I feel my emotions down to my core. From sheer ecstasy to soul-shaking grief to pure unadulterated joy--I feel them all, just like you.


    As an intimacy coach, my goal is to help people to feel free. Passionate. Uninhibited. Turned on. Excited about the possibilities in and out of the bedroom. I want you to feel all of the yummy goodness about sex and then bring that energy to all aspects of your life.


    I believe that every person deserves a fulfilling, abundant sex life. If you are struggling with sexual hurdles, I can help you to overcome them. I could not help others do this work if I had not worked through my own personal sexual challenges: I faced my demons from sexual abuse, shame, and guilt and transformed myself through that process. I am here to empower others to do the same.

    My goal is not to fix you. Your journey is sacred; my intent is to honor you and your growth, to empower you and allow you to work through your blocks to become the most comfortable, fulfilled, radiant human being you can be. Are you ready for a helping hand on the path of sexual liberation?


  • "I came into the experience with a bit of an attitude and an ego rather than having a heart of learning and understanding. I felt I wanted to prove myself to HazelGrace. But when I met her, it was very apparent that she had no ego. She did not boast or gloat about their experiences like so many people. Instead, I saw a powerful individual, undefended by gender or stereotypes. I saw someone that had built an incredible organization without an ego. And most importantly, I felt like I wasn’t judged for having one myself."

    — Male, Age 27



    • Ph.D. in Human Sexuality
    • Masters in Education
    • Certified Sex Coach
    • Certified Somatic Sex Educator
    • Trauma-Informed Somatic Practitioner
    • Certified Circling Facilitator
    • Tantra Counselor (Shawn Roop – TantraQuest)
    • Training with Charles Muir’s Source Tantra
    • Contact Improv Dance Teacher
    • Authentic Man Program (AMP) 
    • Extensive training in Landmark Education


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