• The Art of Intercourse

    A Couples Weekend

    June 12 - 14, 2020

    Denver, CO

  • This is for you if you want to

    • Expand your capacity for pleasure in the act of lovemaking
    • Explore the art of engulfment with your partner

    • Become an active participant in receiving pleasure

    • Reinvigorate your fire and passion together

    • Re-sensitize and awaken your Vulva, Penis and Anus

    This will be an intimate weekend!

    What is the Art of Intercourse?


    The term “penetration” (whether a penis, finger, dildo etc.) often focuses on the giver’s perspective, resulting in the receiver becoming a passive participant.


    This weekend we will encode the term “engulfment” as well as its embodiment, where the “receivers” become active participants in pleasure. This results in a new empowering model for intercourse.


    You will learn to coordinate your breath, voice, and movement of your inner anatomy regardless of your gender identity, orientation or genitals.


    You will practice surfing one another’s orgasmic waves as you both climb to higher and higher states of pleasure.


    Allow Dr. Hazel-Grace Yates and Aaron Michael, author of Optimal Sex Life, to guide you through a metamorphosis for your partnered sexual practices in preparation for the art of engulfment and orgasmic gifting.


    During our journey together, we will dive deeply into...

    • Intimacy and connection exercises
    • Genital mapping - exploring and understanding your partner's genitals more deeply
    • Practices of embodying desire
    • Becoming an active participant in receiving pleasure
    • Genital Reawakening Techniques (Vulva, Penis or Anus) that release physical and emotional energy blocks to re-sensitize and awaken pleasure
    • An experiential understanding of the anatomy and energetics of partnered sex


    • All genders and orientations are welcome. All that is required is your embodied mind, an open heart and a curiosity to learn.
    • The clothes-off sexual techniques will be demonstrated for you live by the facilitators
    • Couples will have the option to practice in the space according to their comfort levels 
    • Practices will be with the partner with whom you attend the weekend


  • Meet the Team

    Dr. Hazel-Grace Yates

    Lead Facilitator

    Hazel-Grace has a doctorate in Human Sexuality and is a Somatic Sex Educator, Trauma Informed Practitioner, and a Sex and Relationship Coach. Her purpose is to end global toxic sexual shame and exalt pleasure.

    Aaron Michael

    Lead Facilitator

    Aaron Michael, International Author of "Optimal Sex Life" and Teacher, teaches men, women and couples how to optimize their sex life for pleasure and intimacy. He is passionate about providing adults an avant-garde sex education beyond talk therapy and anatomy drawings.


    Optimal Sex Life

    Purchase the course text the program is based upon. Exercises to try alone or with your partner to achieve your Optimal Sex Life.

  • More Details

    Weekend Dates 

    June 12, 5:00pm - 9:00pm (Vegetarian dinner provided, please arrive by 4pm)

    June 13, 10:00am - 5:00pm

    June 14, 10:00am - 5:00pm



    This weekend will be held at a private residence in Denver.



    Participants will provide their own meals, except Friday's dinner.


    Weekend Tuition For Couples

    Early Bird by May 24: $700
    After May 24: $800

  • What Participants have said...

    Aaron Michael

    "Aaron takes so much knowledge and makes it come together in a way that seems easy and understandable for even newcomers to grasp."

    - Gry Dagmar Møberg, Tantric Bodyworker, Shamanistic Therapist, and Leadership Mentor​

    Dr. Hazel Grace Yates

    “(Hazel-Grace) set up a very safe space for erotic exploration. If you've always wanted to try something like this, but have been afraid to do so, this is your ticket!”

    - Workshop Participant

    "He’s highly skilled, respective, conscious, and his hands are absolutely magic.”

    - Sanna Sanita, Sweden’s leading Sacred Sexuality & Conscious Teacher​

    "I don't think I've fully realized how much I learned about myself this weekend. One thing I know for sure is that I have been awakened. I made connections with females that I never thought possible, but most importantly I made connections with myself that I never thought was possible. I will forever be grateful for you both for creating such a powerful experience for me and everyone else."

    - Workshop Participant

    "His touch gave me a compass that has set me off on a path to more tangible teaching and giving others this experience. I’m still passing it on.”

    - Signe Bentzen, Author, Tantric Sexologist and Couples Counselor

    "(Hazel-Grace) is absolutely amazing. I've been to a few of her workshops and they have been, without a doubt, the best I've ever been to. Hazel-Grace effortlessly fluctuates between the roles of facilitator, witness, and caregiver, depending on the energy and need for each. The safe containers she creates are the ideal place for enlightenment, discovery, and healing. I feel so good after her experiences and can never wait for the next one. If you are ready to go deep with yourself and others, let Hazel-Grace lead the way."

    - Workshop Participant

    "The sensations and emotions that ran through me this weekend were unbelievable and unknown to me. If I could use one word to sum them up is “connectivity.” I felt connected to myself, to you all, and to the ground we were all standing on. Something sparked this opening deep inside and I went in overdrive in absorbing everything. I’ve never felt this focused and mesmerized by the stories and experiences shared this weekend. This weekend gave me this spark of courage in actually starting on this journey called “MY life," not what others think what life should look like but what I want and desire."

    - Workshop Participant

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