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All-Women's Sexy Laboratory

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Sex Ed Powerhouses Amy Jo Goddard and Dr. Hazel-Grace Yates join together to co-create a sizzling night of All Women’s Sexy Laboratory! They are combining Hazel-Grace’s somatic sex skills with Amy Jo’s Erotic Carnival (previously only offered at her weekend deep dive Fire Woman retreats) to create a brilliant evening of sexy adult education and fun erotic exploration in this well-crafted adult playground.

At this Sexy Laboratory, we will be exploring some specific skills through guided teachings followed by hands-on practice in a no-pressure environment.

The sexy skills lessons for our laboratory include:

* Conscious Connection & Communication

* The Ins and Outs of Hot Strap-On Play

* How to connect with and use your energetic cock, oh my!

* How to deliver a sensual flogging--or just receive one!

Amy Jo and Hazel-Grace will be your guides, breaking down the nitty gritty and how-to of using strap-ons, engaging your energetic cock, creating conscious connection with stunning communication and how to deliver and receive a sensual flogging or spanking.

After each sex lesson, you’ll get to try on your new skills in our little sexy laboratory! Then you’ll get another lesson and take it back to the lab. We will close out the night with some free time to explore and play as you wish!

If you have never been to an event like this, it’s normal to feel both excitement AND nervousness...that’s a good thing. It means it’s the perfect event for YOU!

It’s RARE that we have opportunities to try new sexual things in a no-pressure environment. Too often women feel they need to please their partners and their own needs go unmet or unseen. This event is about disrupting those patterns. You get to make the night exactly what YOU want it be for YOU, without the need to please or check in with a partner.

Generally, if we are single we think, “How do I try on something new? I have no one to play with.” And if we are in a partnership and we rely on our partner for exploration it can be the blind leading the blind, OR our partner may not want to experiment in the same way, so then, how DO you learn about new sexy things?

At the Sexy Laboratory of course!

Every participant is at choice in every moment and no one has to do anything. Together we will create the safest possible sex-positive container to explore curiosities, play, and pleasure! We will discuss boundaries, agreements and support safer sex conversations. If you decide you want to spend the evening just watching and taking it all in, you get to do that without shame and with pleasure!

This is an event for:

...those who have always wanted to attend a play event but have felt too nervous

...those who don't have a partner and feel shy to show up alone

...those women and non-binary folks who have a partner (or partners) that want to experience being in a communal space together

...the sexually adventurous souls who want to learn some new skills or just play in an open space without any pressure

You are invited if you are a:

* Newcomer

* Experienced player

* Single, coupled, or partnered with multiple folks

* Woman or non-binary AFAB person

Your facilitators will expertly guide you through a series of partner-based exercises that will allow you to dive deeply into the layers of embodied consent, claiming desires and exploration sensations. We will start warmly and slowly with grounding, connection to self, clarity of intentions and desires. There will be plenty of structure to allow you to get comfortable and clear about what you want to experience for your evening.

Then we will move through our sexy guided teachings and laboratory time where you get to learn all kinds of fun, exciting, erotic skills or just experience them as a participant, practicing your new skills with willing participants.

From there we will move into some final free play time where you can play with others, practice what you learned, make-out, use some of the toys we provide, snuggle, dance, or get your voyeur on and watch all the sexiness. We will have a closing circle at the end to make sure people feel seen and can have closure on their night.

There is no pressure to do anything and there is ample opportunity to try lots of things!

This is a "don't do anything you don't want to do" and "only consensually do what you want to do" event. We ALL need practice with determining what feels right for us and then making that happen consensually and lucidly. The practice of being in the event will give you skills you can take back into your sex life with your partners. And you might meet some sexy new people while you’re at it! You can honor your agreements with a monogamous partner and still attend, learn a lot and get to be in the sexy vibe. Each person determines what is right for them.

This will also be a substance and alcohol-free event. Being sober and connecting to your desire from that place of sobriety and clarity is key to shifting old patterns that have us dissociated or not present in sex.

We can’t wait to play with you and co-create a fun, safe, exploratory night of delight. If you have questions about the event, please feel free to write to us.

Thank you men, transmen, and others who do not identify as women or non-binary AFAB folks for respecting this space.

How do I dress?

Dress in something that feels sexy! You can wear as little or as much as you want, something maybe you don’t wear every day. Undergarments are perfectly acceptable.

What do I bring?

- Water bottle

- Your harness/strap-on if you have one and a favorite dildo if you have one of those

- Floggers and spankers

- Other toys or sexy implements you might like to play with, including your own extension cord for plug-in vibrators and the like

- Your favorite lube and safer sex supplies. We will provide some but it’s always good to bring what you like.

- A towel or other things you might like to have on hand

- Your sexy self and open mind

When you purchase your Pre-Sale ticket you will be entered into a drawing to win a Yummy, Sexy Gift Basket filled with goodies including Amy Jo’s book, Woman On Fire!

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