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Breakups Can Be Beautiful

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“Break ups” really can be beautiful, easeful and graceful!

I am proud to announce the end of the most amazing loving partnership, and the beginning of an amazing loving friendship.

The metaphor I like to use for what “happened” between us is like the Colorado River that doesn’t quite reach the ocean. It trickles naturally to an end. No drama. The river is not upset, or pissed, or sad – it just is…it simply comes to an end.

One week ago my partner and I shared a beautiful evening together and created a closing ceremony. This was possible because throughout our entire relationship we were dedicated to being thorough and cleaning up any bumps. Being thorough took radical honesty, dedication in processing and a true commitment to hear the other person’s world.

During our closing ceremony we had an opportunity to share what we are grateful and thankful for about our relationship. I also cried several times and he was able to hold space for me with such love and compassion. I have never in my life been able to grief in the presence of the lover I am grieving over. Soooo magical.

The tears were cleansing. I enjoyed the tears knowing that we experienced something so beautiful together, that I felt sad that it ended. I embrace my humanity and cognitively understand that any sadness I felt was simply me attaching to “what was” or “what I thought it would be”.

As an expression of my self-love and self-compassion – I fully accept the full range of emotions through this transition and celebrate him being by my side!

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