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CATHARSIS: Masculine/Feminine Reconciliation (Austin, TX)

There is a growing tension between and within us. A chasm that keeps us from the very thing we want: connection.

Not trusting that we will be held in our fullness, not trusting that we will be loved in our vulnerability.
Intensity has been building, and we are all deeply yearning for a release.
At CARTHARSIS, we will create a safe haven that says "Fuck Yes!" to ALL of the emotions. We can transform our pain, disconnection, anger, and hurt with the potency of Love and Acceptance.

This event is for all genders to experience each other in a powerful and important way.________________________________________________________________________________________

We boldly invite those socialized as women on a journey to step out of their comfort zone and into uninhibited self-expression in service of reconciliation, remembrance, and wholeness. We will courageously ask the inner Feminine to go against the ‘proper’ programming, to unleash emotionally, to be fully seen, heard, felt and received. This is a gift to the Masculine and Feminine alike.
This day provides the opportunity for those socialized as women:

- To tap into the collective wisdom of the feminine energy.
- To fully emote repressed resentment, hurt, and sadness; to speak the unspoken.
- To share the truth of being socialized as a woman.
- To deeply see and appreciate the beauty and gift of the Masculine.
- To surrender and be held by the Masculine.________________________________________________________________________________________

We audaciously invite those socialized as men to powerfully and reverently hold unconditional ground, in service of allowing the unbridled emotion and expression to flow. If we push through patterns of resistance and defensiveness, there can be a greater appreciation and reverence for the Feminine.

This day provides the opportunity for those socialized as men:
- To deeply know, connect, and understand the Feminine.
- To experience a deep unconditional holding and service.
- To receive enormous gratitude from the Feminine.
- To embody the loving capacity for the fullness of Feminine expression to flow through.________________________________________________________________________________________

Our day will begin slowly and gently with practices of grounding and connection with self. We will explore the differences between our socialized gender and the polarity of masculine and feminine energies within all of us.
This will be a firmly held container with clear agreements and structure to support and invite the untamed emotions. We will have spaciousness to feel, share and be witnessed in our process.

Our time will end with gratitudes, care, and consensual grounding touch.

Reserve now for Early Bird pricing!
$60 before June 10
$75 after June 10

Dr. Hazel-Grace Yates works with individuals and couples as a Clinical Sexologist and a Somatic Sex Educator to support them experiencing the healthiest and most fulfilling sex of their lives. She is an unyielding stand for the end of toxic sexual shame so that humans can experience heart-centered and empowered sexuality.
Danny Morris
Danny is a trauma-informed somatic mindfulness coach and plays at the intersections of meditation, somatics, healing and interpersonal relating. He has spent over 10,000 in silent meditation retreat exploring for himself the direct experience pointed to by contemplative traditions. He is now in the deep inquiry of taking the depth of the inward journey and applying it to becoming fully human and engaging in a world that requires action with an open heart.
Jessica Rae Ellis is an elemental sensualist, dancer, and artist.
She uses movement and sound to invite deeper more primal forms of expression to be seen, felt, heard, and touched.
She’s a leader of love, courage, compassion, and vulnerability here to inspire herself and others to embody their most tender radiant self (with a heavy emphasis on rewiring societal attitudes towards anger).
Jessica specializes in creating a space where individuals can experience profound healing and compassion towards anger and the transformative intimacy that can come from this discovery.

She’s dedicated to empowering others to embody vulnerability, as an invitation to discover the most authentic, alive, vital and creative parts of our inner world.________________________________________________________________________________________


* We understand that the masculine and the feminine are energetic qualities that live inside all beings and are not inherently tied to gender or people. When referring to masculine we mean the quality of unconditional holding, spaciousness and ground. When referring to the feminine we mean the quality of unbounded, dynamic freedom and expression. Because of the way most of us have been socialized in a cisgendered, heteronormative patriarchal culture these energies have been thrown out of balance and seek healing in whatever way you currently identify. *________________________________________________________________________________________

Reserve now for Early Bird pricing!
$60 before June 10
$75 after June 10

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