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Confidentiality… Even I Make Mistakes

On Integrity.

I am oh so human.

I made a “mistake” last weekend. To me, it is one of the most potentially damaging “mistake” I could ever make. A piece of information slipped out of my mouth that was confidential to one of my friends. As soon as I heard the words that came out of my mouth….I was shocked, stunned, frozen, stricken with fear, embarrassed and wishing I could reverse time by only 30 seconds and take it back. It was a moment of unconsciousness. It was an accident and not intentional or malicious.

I walked away from the experience knowing I had two choices. Tell my friend that I revealed a piece of information about her or not tell my friend I revealed a piece of information about her.

I sat with this for two days, and realized that NOT telling my friend this was consuming me and tearing me up inside.

I called that friend today and faced my fear. I was crying on the phone with her as I feared the “mistake” I made would impact our friendship, my reputation and damage to my life. I was more willing to experience whatever impact my actions caused by being honest and transparent with my friend than to not be honest and transparent.

If I would have chosen to not share with her openly and honestly, there would have been this energetic pit in my belly, and something in the way of our friendship as this would always be on my mind.

I have deep deep gratitude for the level of consciousness, generosity, understanding and love the group of chosen family and friends I have surrounding me.

My friend heard me fully, and met me with grace, understanding and compassion. I am humbled, honored and grateful.

Ironic that I teach that there are “no mistakes” to my clients, and yet sometimes this is the hardest thing for me to be connected to when I think I am the one who “fucked up”.

As much as it sucks to admit to our loved ones truth that we fear may cause us or them pain, in the end, it is revealing our truth that really creates freedom in our lives and others.

I am deeply honored to know this woman – and that she says she feels closer to me and trusts me even more and was grateful I reached out to call her. Thank you goddess sister! You know who you are.

Oh to be human.

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