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Conscious Play Party (Denver, CO)

It is time to heartfully play together with our bodies, creativity, awareness and pleasure!!!!

Dr. Hazel-Grace Yates, Monica Dionysiou and Aaron Young will be your guides for this loving and erotic journey. This is an inclusive event welcoming all genders, orientations, singles, couples and moresomes.
We will begin our day slowly and gently with an opening ceremony in service of us feeling trust, connection and clear-intentioned. The facilitator will skillfully guide the group through various exercises as well as rotating through to different partners.
After the ceremony, we will have different stations such as:
- Fire play
- Electric play
- Cuddling
- Flogging
- Rope play
- Wax play
- Female Ejaculation Station
- Multi-handed sensual massage
- Heavy chains
- Mummification
- Sensory activation
- Knife play
Hazel-Grace, Monica, and Aaron will be available throughout the event to ensure people feel welcome and as safe as possible.
Feel free to bring toys and gifts of service to the community.
This is a “don't do anything you don't want to do”, and “a CONSENSUALLY do what you want to do” event.
Boundaries will be honored and respected.
This will be a closed container event, meaning no one will be permitted into the event after the opening ceremony begins. NO EXCEPTIONS!
Limited spots - Grab Your Tickets:
VERY Important Notes:
- ARRIVE BY 12:45pm
- PARKING - LImited parking!!! Budget your time so that you are on time as we WILL BE LOCKING THE DOORS AT 1:15. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!
- SNACKS - Please feel free to bring snacks to share.
- BOUNDARIES - There will be no mouth to privates or privates to privates contact at this event.
- ATTIRE - Street wear to the door. Whatever you want to wear or not that has you feel sexy and comfortable.
- PHOTOGRAPHY - No photos will be taken at the event.
- SOBER EVENT - No drugs or alcohol.
- Everyone must bring at least one towel.
- Snacks or beverages to share
- Cushion or pillow to sit on for ceremony
- Nesty things like pillows, blankets etc.
- Favorite toys, lube, gloves etc.
About your Facilitator:
Dr. Hazel-Grace Yates:
She works with individuals and couples as a Clinical Sexologist and a Somatic Sex Educator to support them experiencing the healthiest and most fulfilling sex of their lives. She is an unyielding stand for the end of toxic sexual shame so that humans can experience heart-centered and empowered sexuality.
Limited spots - Grab Your Tickets:

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