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Conscious Play Party - Denver, CO

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We are back, Again! It is time to heartfully play together with our bodies, creativity, awareness and pleasure!!!!

Dr. Hazel-Grace Yates and Ms. Monica Maybe will be your guides for this loving and erotic journey. This is an inclusive event welcoming all genders, orientations, singles, couples, and moresomes.
OPENING CIRCLE (4:15 - 5:45ish)
We will begin our day slowly and gently with an opening ceremony, building trust, connection and clear-intentions. The facilitators will skillfully guide the group through communication exercises which focus on identifying desires within oneself and the giving/receiving of consent while playing with others.
After the opening circle, Station Time begins! There will be a variety of kinky options to sample from.
Stations examples include:
- Shibari Rope Bondage
- Electric play
- Cuddling
- Wrestling
- Impact play
- Knife play
- Flogging
- Wax play
- Sensual massage
- Sensory activation
Playtime continues! This is when things get juicy and exciting... yum! Our station volunteers are invited to join in on the fun.
* The facilitators will be accessible throughout the event to ensure that all participants feel welcome and safe.
*Feel free to bring toys and gifts of service to the community.
*This is a “don't do anything you don't want to do,” and “only do what you want to do, CONSENSUALLY” event.
*Boundaries will be agreed upon, honored and respected.

Early Bird: $60 (Until May 1)
Regular: $70
At the Door: $80
Limited spots - Grab Your Tickets:
VERY Important Notes:
- ARRIVE BY 3:45pm (REALLY!)
- PARKING - There is PLENTY OF PARKING. However, budget your time to walk from the parking lot to the door as it is a bit of a walk. WE WILL BE LOCKING THE DOORS AT 3:45. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!
- LIGHT SNACKS will be provided. Bring nourishment if you know you will need substantial food during your time.
- BOUNDARIES - There will be No mouth-to-privates or privates-to-privates contact at this event.
- ATTIRE - Street wear to the door. Whatever you want to wear (or not) that has you feeling sexy and comfortable.
- SOBER EVENT - No drugs or alcohol.
- Everyone must bring at least one towel.
- Comfy things like pillows, blankets etc.
- Favorite toys, lube, gloves etc.
- Water bottle
Past Participants have said:
"This was truly a life changing event. I’ve never felt more sexually liberated in my life!"
"I wanted to thank you for such a beautiful, connecting opening ceremony today at your event! I have never experienced such intimacy with strangers and found it thrilling and enjoyable. Thank you for being approachable and a lovely hostess!!" - Kat
"This was my first play party, and I'm so glad I took the risk to come. I felt very held by the expectations and norms the facilitators established, and thus able to explore new territory without crossing my own safety boundaries. It was so refreshing and connective to be in an authentic, erotic space with others where my whole self felt welcome." -Rachel
"Hazel Grace and her team create an amazingly loving, sexy, play space. Whether you're in the beginning stages of curiosity, or more 'seasoned,' there is something for everybody, and EVERY BODY is welcome. As a Somatic Sex Educator, I was surprised at the vulnerability I felt in the days leading up to the event - that melted once I entered the space. Hazel Grace is so approachable and genuinely concerned about everyone in her midst, and the container she sets is impeccable." - Amy McFarling, 44, female, Somatic Sex Educator, Boulder, CO
"Hazel Grace and Monica create a container and set up a very safe space for erotic exploration. If you've always wanted to try something like this, but have been afraid to do so, this is your ticket!"
"This event is about so much more than sexual exploration. It is about coming to know ourselves - exploring and identifying our yeses and nos in a safe and supportive container. The whole experience was deeply healing for me."
"Hazel-Grace's facilitation is top-notch in my opinion. I've been involved in the play party and kinkster scenes for years in the bay area, and her conscious gatherings and parties are as good as it gets, in my humble opinion. I would not hesitate to recommend her events to newbies and veterans alike."
-Dr Spine
"During the event, I felt safe and open. The event was organized to emphasize that no one is wrong in what they want and no one had to participate in anything they didn’t want to do. So thankful to have a judge-free place to figure things out for myself. Everyone was accepted no matter their body, color, or creed. I want to keep that openness and not to underestimate my wants and needs." - C. C.
"Such a safe space for both newbies and pros alike to come together, learn, and play. The time was really taken out to ensure everyone is on the same page and that there's no such thing as a dumb question. A great event to start and continue your journey of shedding yourself of sexual shame."
"There's an immense amount of negative and unhealthy cultural shame, attitude and concepts that I have internalized about sexuality and how I do or do not express mine. As a male, it's "scary" to be seen erect and aroused. This event put some normalcy around this concept for me and allowed me to be in a space where I didn't fear being seen. The facilitators did a great job of helping everyone to feel comfortable and set the tone for consensual play."
"I'm so thrilled to find this community and to get the opportunity to explore conscious relating through sexuality. I've been waiting for this my entire adult life."
"This was my first introduction to any kind of play party, and this was exactly what I needed to experience to break through anxieties and self doubt. It took me a while to really start feeling comfortable asking for what I wanted (no fault of anyone but me restricting myself) and the opening ceremony revolving around consent and comfort was just enlightening and empowering."
"I didn’t know anyone going into this event. I felt periods of nervousness, calmness, anxiety and pleasure throughout the day, but being around so many new people and new experiences has left me feeling fulfilled and curious as to what my capabilities are for future sexual experiences, not being afraid to ask for what I want and also saying ‘no’ when the situation doesn’t feel 100% right." - Dara
About your Facilitators:
Dr. Hazel-Grace Yates:
She works with individuals and couples as a Clinical Sexologist and a Somatic Sex Educator to support them experiencing the healthiest and most fulfilling sex of their lives. She is an unyielding stand for the end of toxic sexual shame so that humans can experience heart-centered and empowered sexuality.
Ms. Monica Maybe:
Monica believes that honest, clear communication is a giant leap towards a healthy and happy (sex) life! She is passionate about creating safe and fun environments to practice speaking the language of consent: “Yes,” “No,” & “Tell me more...”
Early Bird: $60 (Until May 1)
Regular: $70
At the Door: $80
Limited spots - Grab Your Tickets:

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