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Emergent Leadership Training: Austin, TX

July 3 at 6:00 PM – July 7 6:00pm

Are you an experienced leader ready for a place to rest, learn, and play?

Are you craving advanced leadership techniques and high quality, in-the-moment feedback?
Are you ready to convert that structured “content & knowing” into warm fertile “doing & being”?
This advanced training is customized, organic, responsive, and tailored with each participant’s unique intentions at heart. It is co-led by Sara Ness, founder and head instigator at Authentic Revolution, and Josh Levin, Lead Trainer of the 9-month T3 Circling/Relational Leadership Training in Boulder.
This is held only once a year and does tend to fill fast, so if you’re interested, apply below!
* Time:
The course runs from Wednesday evening until Sunday evening.
* Logistics:
The ELT is held at a beautiful Airbnb in central Austin. Breakfast and lunch is provided each day. If you’re coming in from out of town, we will house you for the duration of the course at the venue or with a community member nearby.
* Who would benefit from attending?
We’ve had community leaders, company managers, psychotherapists, teachers, group facilitators, and more. The training is customizable to the area in which you want to practice, as long as your focus includes work with groups either in teaching or general leadership.
* Note: We do accept facilitators who have not graduated the ALFT, if you have comparable experience or training. Feel free to apply!

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