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Emotional Trauma First Aid - Austin

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The goal of this training is to help facilitators to hold a space that is calm, safe and grounded, especially when triggers occur.
You will learn how to identify triggers within yourself and in others and how to respond in a way that brings yourself and others back to a grounded state ( regulation).

What is a trigger?
A trigger is an unsettling nervous system reaction to something that is happening in the moment that is often a reaction sourced from an unresolved experience from the past.
Some ways you might see triggers expressed include: anger, sadness, freezing, numbing, dissociation, or hiding.
We hold an honorable responsibility, and a delicate dance to support their growth and not cause more harm. It is likely the area the individual wants growth in is covered by some kind of trauma from their past. There is a fine line between leaning into that edge and transforming the past and perpetuating the old pattern. In order for our nervous systems to be open to change, we need to feel safe enough to allow it to happen.
There is inherent risk involved with transformational work.
Together, the facilitators of this community can minimize the potential for harm and make informed choices when we are equipped with knowledge and skills to support people towards a more regulated and grounded state. When we are able to embody the very safety we wish to provide that signals the nervous systems of others. As a leader your state of regulation models for the whole group, so being able to manage your own triggers is just as important as supporting other with theirs.
Who is this for?
Any facilitator, coach, healer, educator that wants to embody safety and support healthy growth and exploration as they lead, or desires to know how to support their clients when they experience some level of a trigger.
What this is not:
This training is not about helping your clients “heal” through their triggers. We will not be teaching you to go towards their core wounds or past traumas to complete or heal. We *will* be teaching you to recognize the difference.
The day will be broken into two parts:
How to support yourself as the leader when you are triggered.
How to help others when they experience a trigger.
Topics to cover:
What is a trigger and how to identify it.
What is a resource? How to stay resourced yourself and help someone find their own.
Holding the group, while supporting an individual.
Psychological education and setting context around trauma.
Enrolling the group for support (one nervous system).
Yes “and” - Validating their experience while reminding them they are safe now.
Somatic grounding and resourcing practices.
To register:
1. Fill out registration form here:
2. Send payment to reserve your spot via pay pal or venmo:
Contribution: $80-$120
Flow of Day
9:45 - Arrive
10 - 1 - Session 1: Supporting yourself in triggered states
1-2 - Lunch Break (Bring a lunch - food not provided)
2-5 - Session 2: Supporting others in triggered states
This workshop will be facilitated by Dr. Hazel-Grace Yates and Danny Morris.
"I feel confident in what to do for myself, for someone in a 1:1, and someone in a group when trauma is present.
Danny and Hazel Grace both ooze a steadiness and a compassion that my wounded self readily responds to. The container of safety held by the facilitators and the participants allowed me to drop the automatic defenses that so often cloud my ability to be fully present and retain important information. Although I have studied much of the cutting edge research in trauma resolution, I learned more in one day than I did in several months of research. I have a new perspective and an excitement that I can heal my own triggers and contribute more powerfully to the well-being of other seekers."
"This workshop has already proven valuable in my personal life by giving me the tools to better resource myself when triggered, and hold a less attached and outcome-oriented space for others who are triggered. I already knew some of this stuff, but this workshop provided me with specific steps to take when triggered or when someone else is, as well as the language to better describe my experience."
"I'm excited to see how this carries over into my professional life, working with teens and kids when tough things come up. I feel comfortable in holding space for people in activation in a way I haven’t felt before, and it’s more simple than I could have realized. This workshop, led by two capable and loving individuals, helped me return to my own place of wisdom!"

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