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Femme V-Day Play: Women-Only Play Party (Denver, CO)

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This Valentine season, treat yourself to some sweet lovin' with your sisters!

The dazzling Soriya Case and Dr. Hazel-Grace Yates are teaming up to co-create a Love-filled V-day evening! They are combining Hazel-Grace’s authentic relating and somatic sex skills with Soriya’s expertise in therapeutic playful kinky fun to create a memorable evening of exploring curiosities and erotic desires in a consciously curated playground.

We will create the safest possible sex-positive container for you to explore a wide array of erotic delights.
This is a no pressure event and you get to choose your own adventure. We will discuss boundaries, agreements and support safer sex conversations.
You are at 100% choice for 100% of the time.
Often times as women we have a difficult time asking for what we want, saying our Yes and our No’s - and this evening is designed to support us in the practice of claiming our desires and honoring our moment to moment truths.
This event is IDEAL for women who have never attended a play party (or an all women’s play party for that matter)
It is also IDEAL for those who have experience in these scenes.
You are invited if you are a:
* Newcomer
* Experienced player
* Single, coupled, or partnered with multiple folks
* Woman, transwomen, or non-binary AFAB person
Your facilitators will expertly guide you through a series of partner-based exercises that will allow you to dive deeply into the layers of embodied consent, claiming desires and exploration sensations. We will start warmly and slowly with grounding, connection to self, clarity of intentions and desires.
Then we will move into our yummy tasting and education stations where you can experience and learn all kinds of fun, exciting, erotic skills. You can stay as long as you want in any space to learn and practice new skills.
Our Tasting and Education Stations Include:
*Tantric and Sensual Touch
*Strap-On Play
*Rope and Bondage play
*Electric Play
*Tantalizing Claws and Sharp Sensation play
*Impact and Flogging
*Body Painting
We will then move into free play time where you can play with others, practice what you learned, make-out, use some of the toys we provide, snuggle, dance, or get your voyeur on and watch all the sexiness.
This will also be a substance and alcohol-free event. Being sober and connecting to your desire from that place of sobriety and clarity is key to shifting old patterns that have us dissociate during sex.
Thank you men and trans-men or others who do not identify as women, transwomen or non-binary AFAB folks for respecting this space.
$10 Discount on First 10 tickets!!
Tickets here:
Questions you may be pondering...
**What if I don’t have a date?
No worries! We specifically design our events that if you show up solo, and that you will feel integrated, connected, included and woven into our ever growing community.
**But I am not a lesbian, do I need to be sexually into women?
You do not need to be sexually “into” women to attend. (Hazel-Grace identifies as mostly heterosexual - and finds joy and pleasure in playing with women!). This is our chance to PLAY be curious and find our pleasures!
**I don’t know if I will want to play - can I still attend?
If you decide you want to spend the evening just watching and taking it all in, you get to do that without shame and with pleasure! We find at most of our events people imagining before attending that they won’t feel comfortable playing, and more often than not, they find some way to engage that is comfortable, safe and fun for them.

**How do I dress?
Dress in something that feels sexy! You can wear as little or as much as you want: something you don’t wear every day. Undergarments are perfectly acceptable.

**What do I bring?
- Water bottle
- Toys or sexy implements you might like to play with, including your own extension cord for plug-in vibrators and such
- Your favorite lube and safer sex supplies.
- A towel or other things you might like to have on hand
- Your sexy self and open mind


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