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From Humiliation to Celebration

Radical shift!

As many of you know, the most humiliating and financial devastating experience happened for me this past August. The play that I co-produced, The Cock Project, in which its mission to contribute to ending global sexual shame, bombed in pretty much every way possible. I screamed, cried, my heart was shattered. When I was in “it” – the pain, the embarrassment etc. I knew on a meta level that it was perfect….but it sure as hell didn’t FEEL perfect. It felt like a shit ton of pain!!!

A couple of days ago I got a thank you and a message from someone in Europe that made all of my effort, misery, pain and humiliation worth it. Here is the story:

For the play we wanted a story of a man being sexually molested or raped and made that request known on FB. An anonymous man in Europe somehow found this request and sent in his story. I was in tears reading his deeply painful and huge story. He is an older gentleman, and the story had taken place when he was a young boy. What really sent good bumps all over my body is when I read his last lines. “I have never told anyone my story. I was crying the entire time I typed you my story.”

This was several months ago, and he just sent me an email saying he now has support from a crisis team and is getting help for the first time about 50 years! He has had a tough life, and he said he now feels inspired to live his life.

Sending love and support for this courageous man…and for all of the other men and women around the world who’s stories are still unspoken and untold. Blessings on your healing journey.

So happy to be connected to the ripple effect that this play had in at least one human’s life.

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