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Mini Retreat into the Heart of the Female Body (Littleton, CO)

We have a right to know about our bodies.

Women, join us on Sunday, March 30 for this full-day journey of learning about our bodies through hands-on practice with our sisters.
Pamper yourself, your yoni, and reclaim the parts of yourself to be renewed, refreshed and re-awaken the power within your own yoni universe.
“I didn’t know how beautiful I was. I didn’t know how powerful I was. I didn’t know how soft my skin was. I didn’t know how magical my womb space was. Until I touched a woman.”
- Dr. Hazel-Grace Yates
Most of us were not taught about sex, let alone our own bodies.
Do you wish to reclaim your body?
Do you wish to feel connected to your entire female landscape?
Are you ready to release tension, numbness, and trauma held in your pelvic floor?
The day is designed to be both relaxing and nourishing.
It’s the permission and stability you’ve been craving but unsure of how to achieve.
What is 'A Mini-Retreat into the Heart of Female Body' ?
Danielle Petersen, Wild Soul Living and Dr. Hazel-Grace Yates are starting a movement -a movement practice for women and by women.
We wish to rebuild and reawaken the underlying patterns limiting core vibrancy and self-expression among women.
We are passionate about women's’ bodies and feel it is time to cultivate more reverence for the female anatomy.
This is a path to power, trust, and freedom within.
What this mini-retreat is about:
* Bringing women home to themselves in a grounded, practical and inspirational way; centered around the belief that, “Everything you’ve ever needed has always been inside of you.”
* Opportunity to witness and be witnessed by women in their fullness, beauty, and power.
* Melting away everything that’s ever made you feel wrong, too much, ashamed, less than, or unsafe as a woman, or in your sacred body.
Our intention is to go INSIDE the female body.
Together we redefine the rules, expectations, culture, and conditioning that have separated us from our womanhood and our bodies.
Are you ready to have courageous conversations with your body?
Are you ready to embrace your own uniqueness, power, beauty, creativity, inner fire, passion, and noble fierceness?
“Women are the weavers of our universe; through their bodies, they take in pure creative essence and then actively create a dynamic form.” - Tami Kent
What we will do:
Stay for the entire day or just a portion.
Part 1: Anatomy of Arousal and demonstration of Pelvic Massage
We will take you on a historical journey to understand why society has tried to ‘hide’ aspects of the external female anatomy.
In our culture, it’s so easy to feel disconnected from the sacredness and power of our incredible female bodies.
We’re often affected by porn culture, body image challenges, overly medicalized birth, past sexual experiences that weren’t exactly respectful, or lack of adequate sex education and basically the pervasive idea that our female bodies are shameful and somehow ‘wrong’.
“If you want to know where your true power lies, go to those places you’ve been taught to fear the most. Your orgasm, your period, labor & birth, menopause... this is where your real power lies. In the sacred temple of your pelvis.” - Dr. Christiane Northrup, OBGYN
Part 2: Pelvic Massage Practice
For those who want to stay for the pelvic massage practice, you will get a chance to receive a pelvic massage and give a massage.
You do not need to sign up with a practice partner.
We will choose partners during the day. You can sign up with a partner if you so choose.
Time: Part 1 - 10am - 12:30 Lunch (not included) Part 2 - 2:00-5:00pm Price: Part 1: $50 Part 1 & 2: $110
“Women have a largely unknown network of structures responsible for arousal and orgasm that even medical professionals don’t know about.” – Sheri Winston
Our promise?
You will walk away from this full-day experience with:
Newfound appreciation and celebration of the female anatomy.
Learn how female tissue states change based on arousal and unlock the potential pleasure zones.
Discover ways to fully honor the magic, love, and power of the female genitalia.
Learn pelvic massage techniques; a conscious exploration of the female anatomy.
Pelvic release technique; recognize how your own root energy patterns that diminish your own abundance.
Yoni Mapping: Learn techniques to clear and reshape inherited patterns.
Experience delightful new ways of physically, energetically and spiritually embodying your feminine form.
Discover the yoni egg practice and how it can help establish a deeper connection to your womb space.
Our why?
Since the pelvic bowl does not receive regular attention, most women lack a sense of internal awareness about this part of the body except with sexual intercourse or upon giving birth.
Our intention is for women to attune to the deeper currents that give shape to a physical structure.
Reading the physical patterns in the pelvis and restoring the vital energy flow are skills honed by respectfully listening to the body’s wisdom.
Women holding space for women.
Skilled hands are a blessing because, for most women, the female womb space has scarcely been approached with the reverence it deserves.
Our pelvic bowl taps directly into the universal energies, from which all of life is made.
Did you know, ancient women...were indeed the bowl and basket makers, weaving containers that held food or water just as their bodies held the energy of the children and home.
Women are the energy keepers, their bodies retain a record of past events.
By exploring our womb where universal energy meets, we come home to the mystery within us and engage with that mystery to give life to the body, and body to life.
What to bring:
Wear comfortable clothes, robe or sarong, sheets, blanket, pillow, water bottle, notebook, pen, massage table (if you have one)
What will be provided:
Two facilitators, coconut oil, gloves, and light snacks
This is truly a one of a kind experience you don’t want to miss.
Have questions? Contact: or
I listen to my wild soul. I trust her innate wisdom and guidance. I am a work in progress and a work of art. My body is sacred. I am willing to have courageous conversations. I embrace my uniqueness, my power, my beauty, my creativity, my inner fire, my passion, my fierceness, and my softness.

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