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NOURISH: A Heart-Centered Conscious Play Experience (Near Denver, CO)

It is Mother’s Day - We highly suggest you take a Mom to brunch, then come play!

This is a heart-centered experiential sexy play party to Nourish your body and soul. This is an event for those who have always wanted to attend a play party but have felt too nervous... for those who don't have a partner and feel shy to show up alone... for those who have a partner (or partners) with whom they want to experience being in a communal space together... for the sexually adventurous. This is a "don't do anything you don't want to do" and "only consensually do what you want to do" event. This will also be a substance and alcohol-free event.

We will have two parts to our day together:

Part One

We will start warmly and slowly with grounding, connection to self, clarity of intentions and desires. Together we will create the safest possible sex-positive container to explore curiosities, play, and pleasure! We will discuss boundaries, agreements and have a safer sex conversation.
Hazel-Grace will expertly guide you through a series of partner-based exercises that will allow you to dive deeply into the layers of embodied consent, claiming desires and exploration sensations. We will also play fun sensual-based improvisational games.

Nudity is NEVER required, but will likely occur.

During Part One we will not have genital-to-genital or genital-to-mouth contact.

Part Two

With our warmth rising and juicy connections, we will shift from the structured portion of our day and move into open and free play. Hazel-Grace will be in the space to continue to support the group and anyone who may be needing some 1:1 attention.

During Part Two genital-to-genital or genital-to-mouth contact will be welcome in the space.

This event is for:

  • Newcomers

  • Experienced players

  • Singles, couples, and moresomes

  • All genders and orientations

This event is also for Responsible Humans who:

  • Are willing to express desires and boundaries

  • Have an awareness and honor other's boundaries

  • Clean up after themselves

  • Honor self

  • Are willing to listen and understand in service of growth

  • Do not pressure others

  • Love fun!


Door opens at 1:30pm

Doors LOCK at 2:00pm - No EXCEPTIONS!

It is mandatory that everyone is present for the opening circle to ensure the safest possible container and to support depthful connections.

Ticket Info:

ONLY 25 tickets. Tickets will NOT be sold at the door

Early Bird (8 tickets ONLY): $55

Regular: $65

Secure your spot here:

What to Bring:

  • No drugs or alcohol

  • Everyone must bring at least one towel and one sheet

  • Whatever food or drinks you may want

  • Any of your sexy toys or accessories

  • Your favorite lube

  • Safer sex barriers: condoms, dental dams, gloves

  • Nest materials - Blanket, pillows etc.

  • And Open Loving Heart and Mind

What others say about Hazel-Grace's Play Parties:

"This was my first play party, and I'm so glad I took the risk to come. I felt very held by the expectations and norms the facilitators established, and thus able to explore new territory without crossing my own safety boundaries. It was so refreshing and connective to be in an authentic, erotic space with others where my whole self felt welcome." -Rachel

"Hazel Grace and her team create an amazingly loving, sexy, play space. Whether you're in the beginning stages of curiosity, or more 'seasoned,' there is something for everybody, and EVERY BODY is welcome. As a Somatic Sex Educator, I was surprised at the vulnerability I felt in the days leading up to the event - that melted once I entered the space. Hazel Grace is so approachable and genuinely concerned about everyone in her midst, and the container she sets is impeccable." - Amy McFarling, 44, female, Somatic Sex Educator, Boulder, CO

"This event is about so much more than sexual exploration. It is about coming to know ourselves - exploring and identifying our yeses and nos in a safe and supportive container. The whole experience was deeply healing for me."

"I wanted to thank you for such a beautiful, connecting opening ceremony today at your event! I have never experienced such intimacy with strangers and found it thrilling and enjoyable. Thank you for being approachable and a lovely hostess!!"

"This was truly a life-changing event. I’ve never felt more sexually liberated in my life!"

"During the event, I felt safe and open. The event was organized to emphasize that no one is wrong in what they want and no one had to participate in anything they didn’t want to do. So thankful to have a judge-free place to figure things out for myself. Everyone was accepted no matter their body, color, or creed. I want to keep that openness and not to underestimate my wants and needs." - C. C.

"Such a safe space for both newbies and pros alike to come together, learn, and play. The time was really taken out to ensure everyone is on the same page and that there's no such thing as a dumb question. A great event to start and continue your journey of shedding yourself of sexual shame."

"There's an immense amount of negative and unhealthy cultural shame, attitude and concepts that I have internalized about sexuality and how I do or do not express mine. As a male, it's "scary" to be seen erect and aroused. This event put some normalcy around this concept for me and allowed me to be in a space where I didn't fear being seen. The facilitators did a great job of helping everyone to feel comfortable and set the tone for consensual play."

"I'm so thrilled to find this community and to get the opportunity to explore conscious relating through sexuality. I've been waiting for this my entire adult life."

"This was my first introduction to any kind of play party, and this was exactly what I needed to experience to break through anxieties and self-doubt. It took me a while to really start feeling comfortable asking for what I wanted (no fault of anyone but me restricting myself) and the opening ceremony revolving around consent and comfort was just enlightening and empowering."

"I didn’t know anyone going into this event. I felt periods of nervousness, calmness, anxiety, and pleasure throughout the day, but being around so many new people and new experiences has left me feeling fulfilled and curious as to what my capabilities are for future sexual experiences, not being afraid to ask for what I want and also saying ‘no’ when the situation doesn’t feel 100% right." - Dara

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