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Sacred Playfulness: An April Fools Day Play Party!

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April Fools' Day has origins in an Ancient Roman tradition called Hilaria, which celebrates the transition to Spring. This day included ritualized forms of mayhem and misrule, inverted power dynamics, and general good cheer.

Hazel-Grace and Sophie are SUPER excited to collaborate to bring you a mischievous and playful April Fools' Day Soiree!

We will start warmly with grounding, connection to self, and clarifying of intentions and desires. Together we will create the safest possible sex-positive container to explore curiosities and pleasure! We will discuss boundaries, agreements and have a safer sex conversation.

Hazel-Grace and Sophie will expertly guide you through a series of partner/group exercises that will allow you to dive deeply into the layers of embodied consent, claiming desires, and sensation exploration. This is a "don't do anything you don't want to do" and "only consensually do what you want to do" event. This will also be a substance and alcohol-free event.

What to wear? We recommend dressing in a character you'd like to embody, something that feels fun and sexy and allows movement. In the spirit of the Jester, bright colors and full, playful expression is encouraged!

How sexy will this party get? We welcome nakedness (never required), however, to make this party less intimidating for newcomers, there will be no genital-to-genital contact/penetration.

This is an event for...

... those who have always wanted to attend a play party but have felt too nervous.

... those who don't have a partner and feel shy to show up alone.

... those who have a partner (or partners) that want to experience being in a communal space together.

... reverently irreverent, adventurous souls!

This event is for:

* Newcomers

* Experienced players

* Singles, couples, and moresomes

* All genders and orientations

Contact Sophie or Hazel-Grace if you have any questions! See all you fools there.

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