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Sacred Root Massage (Nevada City)

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Did you know that a good booty massage can be a delicious source of healing and immense pleasure?

Our culture has made anal play and anal massage into something both sensationalized and yet shamed and a bit taboo.

Let us be a little rebellious and follow pleasure, for pleasure’s sake.

If you've ever been curious what the benefits are and how exactly to explore anal play in a very safe and grounded way… this workshop is for you!

Join Somatic Sex Educators and Permissionaries, Dr. Hazel-Grace of Sex Catalyst Academy and Melissa of BodyJoy for a delightfully explicit and professional exploration on how sensuous booty/anal pleasure for any gender can be.


Sign up early to reserve your spot and save money!

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You will learn:

* Fascinating and detailed anatomy on both female and male bodies

* Mindful ways to practice good hygiene without dulling or stalling the mood

* Must-know safety tips for a pleasurable experience

*How to navigate trauma or when feelings arise

* Various external expert massage techniques to maximize connection and mind-blowing pleasure.

* Exploring both internal and external booty pleasure

* Exquisite pleasure techniques for both prostates and or G-spot and clitoral network



6:00 Doors Open

6:30 Class Begins

7:30 Live Demo

9:00 Closing, and putting it all together


A person who desires maximum booty/anal enjoyment should follow virtually the same steps as anyone who seeks optimal wellness of their body: Go Slow, be Mindful, and Enjoy.

A full booty and anal massage opens up a whole new dimension for pleasurable sexual exploration as well as relaxed enjoyment.

For those with a prostate, anal massage can be highly pleasurable, important in heightened extended arousal and also a practice of preventative care. For those with vulvas, anal massage can expand their pelvic embodiment and offer new dimensions of erotic pleasure including g-spot (also known as the female prostate) stimulation from within the rectum. And one great thing about assholes is that we all have one, so any gender regardless of sexual orientation can enjoy a mindful massage!

Booty/Anal massage has the potential to create full-body relaxation and surrender. You know the term ”tight ass,” don’t you?

We want to be able to mindfully release tension from our pelvic floor and our anus and the rest of the body will follow suit. Muscular release that is sourced from the pelvis, anus and the glute muscles tends to radiate outwards through the entire body. By addressing this most tender place with conscious relaxing strokes, holds and touch, we can directly offer relaxation, deep trust, healing and pleasure to the rest of the body.

Get acquainted with your ass hole / aka “rose bud” / anal area by dissolving negative feelings and attitudes towards and replacing them with positive, nourishing ones.

Virtually anyone, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, can become more aware of the pelvic/anal area, learn to relax rectal muscles, and expand their capacity to enjoy whichever types of booty / anal stimulation may be desired. This requires some basic education, willingness, patience, and clear instruction on how to proceed.


Sign up early to reserve your spot and save money!

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For partial scholarship options, contact Melissa or Hazel-Grace



Dr. Hazel-Grace - With more than 12 years of experience as a pioneering educator, she brings a unique blend of professional know-how, playful curiosity, authentic communication and personal vulnerability to my practice. She takes an unyielding stand for the end of toxic sexual shame so that humans can experience heart-centered and empowered sexuality. She is the founder of Healing the Divide between men and women on sexuality. She works with individuals and couples as a Clinical Sexologist, Somatic Sex Educator, and Trauma-Informed Practitioner to support them in experiencing the healthiest and most fulfilling sex of their lives.

Melissa Mango is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Sexological Bodyworker and Chi nei Tsang practitioner. Recently branched into Austin Texas, Melissa is now the head provocateur and event coordinator at BodyJoy Intimacy School. As well as the curator of Sensuous Society: Where social meets sensual through educational workshops, exquisite dinner parties and play parties with a theatrical twist.

Her mission is to help other’s experience deeply connected, joyful, passionate, shame-free sex-lives and meaningful relationships, free of mental blockages, social fears, religious or cultural stigma.

Some of her other modalities and background of expertise include Chi Nei Tsang, Karsai Nei Tsang (Deep organ / Genital massage), Hypnotherapy and Somatic Sex Education.

Visit her site :,

Check out The Apollo Project: Redefining Masculinity.

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