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My heart was shocked on the way to work while listening to the radio. There was a couple that received the news from their doctor that they both had Chlamydia. They were clear of STD’s when they met, in which they both concluded that the other cheated. After 4 years of dealing with this mistrust with each other and counseling, it was discovered that the test results were not true and they actually never had Chlamydia. While this of course was devastating in and of itself, what really broke my heart was the shame and disgust that BJ and Jamie from the morning show poured on thick. They were joking and making fun of the disgustingness of STD’s. At the same moment I felt enraged and wanting to get on the radio and say “F@(% You! Do you even understand that these are humans beings you are criticizing? Are you even aware that a significant percentage of people have STD’s?” – I also felt in that moment this was another message from the universe. This is one of Denver’s most popular radio stations – and this behavior of making fun and shaming people who have STD is accepted and supported (otherwise the station would be out of business). This points to the notion that this a social/norm/standard to scrutinize those with STD’s. As of recently I have been strongly called to create Herpes/STD support groups and bring the transformational power of the LifeLift to those who still struggle with shame and pain around their sexuality. Energetically I believe that Herpes specifically is related to sexual shame. If you or anyone you know is struggling with shame around herpes or other STD’s and you would like support, please reach out to me!

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