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What you Can Be Doing For Yourself In The Time of Corona Virus

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Feeling Anxious?

Use the 4-7-8 Breathing technique.
Breathe in for 4 seconds
Hold for 7 seconds
Breathe out for 8 seconds

Feeling Disconnected from your Partner?
- Eye gaze for 2 minutes
- Synch up your breathing together for 2 minutes
- Share back and forth, “In this moment I am noticing….” And share feelings, emotions, and/or sensations you are noticing
- Hold one another’s hearts while eye gazing

Keep your Immune System Healthy:
- Of course: hydrate, move your body, dance, stretch, eat lots of veggies!
- Pleasure practice - At minimum, find 5 minutes per day to intend to access pleasure.
- Gratitude practice. Journal everyday on what you are grateful for.
- ORGASM! Yes - I encourage you to play with orgasmic energy which can boost your immune system!

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