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Women's Temple Evening Gathering -

Womb Wisdom

Women’s Temple Evening Gathering -- Womb Wisdom

Embracing our sexual wholeness through sisterhood and embodied practices
Our intention is to:
* Create a safe and empowering place to cultivate connections with our sisters
* Open to the ongoing discovery and expansion of our sexuality
* Allow pleasure to serve as our teacher and guide
* Build reverence for our bodies through self-care rituals

March Theme: Womb Wisdom


Some people believe the womb is just an organ in the body that delivers babies into the world, the truth is, it has a deeper significance, it’s a sacred space that holds the power of creation. The womb is the link from one world to the next. The womb is our intuitive brain.


* What stories do you tell yourself about your womb?

* What are you creating in your life?

* What kind of attention do you put on your womb?


Our time together will include:
* Grounding welcoming
* Partner exercises
* Visualizations
* Heartful sharing
* Take home self-care practice

Doors open at 7:15pm

Opening Circle begins promptly at 7:30

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