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Women's Temple Gathering — Reclaiming Our Bodies (Austin, TX)

November 29th, 2018

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We gather to tend to our temples through sisterhood and embodied practices.

Each month we will have a different theme.

November's Theme: Reclaiming Our Bodies

Limited space.

Our intention is to:

  • Create a safe and empowering place to cultivate connections with our sisters
  • Open to the ongoing discovery and expansion of our sexuality
  • Allow pleasure to serve as our teacher and guide
  • Build reverence for our bodies through self-care rituals

For all the times

  • You were touched without your permission
  • You forgot that your body is your body
  • You left your body
  • You disconnected from your beauty
  • You were unkind to your vessel
  • It is time to Reclaim Your Body!

Reclaiming your body increases

  • Awareness of your desires
  • Confidence with your Yes’s and No’s
  • Love for your body
  • Clarity with boundaries
  • Expanded pleasure

Our time together will include

  • Grounding welcoming
  • Partner exercises
  • Movement practices
  • Visualizations
  • Breathwork
  • Heartful sharing
  • Take home self-care practice

This "Sneak Peak" will be the first of 3 Women's Temple Previews, highlighting the Women's Temple 6-month Program beginning in February 2019!

Doors open at 7:15pm.
Opening Circle begins promptly at 7:30

Future Monthly Gatherings

  • Dec. 10th - Claiming Desires And Boldly Asking For What You Want
  • Jan. 15th - Safety In Sensuality and Nurturing Touch
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