• I work with couples who...

    • Feel disconnected and in conflict
    • Want to open up their relationship
    • Want to explore Kink 
    • Want to bring sacredness and intention into the bedroom
    • Want to create more intimacy and connection in their relationship
    • Want to be better lovers for one another
    • Want to explore novel sexual explorations
    • Want to safely explore power dynamic play 
  • Thank You Note From a Couple

    "I am writing to thank you for the wonderful work you've done with us. There was a time when my lover felt shame about his desires - and the love I have received from him clearly reflects our transformation. He is comfortable with himself, his sexuality, and with being emotionally and physically intimate. His touch is respectful, tender, and made me feel 'seen' and spoiled. It's not merely physical awareness -- his gaze and other aspects of his lovemaking reflected much more than just learned technique -- we have really grown together deeply."

    Female, 43

  • Working with me, you will experience...

    • Safety to explore new experiences
    • Creative ways to spice up your relationship 
    • Expansion of orgasmic pleasure with self and other
    • Deeper intimacy through practical communication practices 
    • Increased body positivity
    • Courage to ask for what you DESIRE
    • Access to playfulness, creativity, curiosity and the freedom to explore
    • Transferable communication skills enhancing ALL relationships
    • Empowered thoughts and beliefs about sexuality
    • The ability to experience and receive more pleasure
    • An increase of skills and competencies to provide pleasure to your partner

    Here's how it works.

    • For long distance clients, I use Zoom, a video platform.
    • For in person clients I work in Colorado and Austin, TX.
    • I am also available to travel to clients. 
  • Couple


    "HazelGrace has earned our respect and trust in a very short period of time. She is incredibly intuitive and asks great questions that guide us individually and as a couple to better ourselves and one another. She has been methodical yet flexible in each of our sessions to maintain a sense of direction while being present in each moment of discovery. We love how she incorporates meditation, communication exercises and practical assignments into such a creative approach."
    Couple, 35 & 39

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