Reconciliation Between the Masculine and the Feminine Weekend Intensive

    November 8 - 10, 2019

    Denver, Colorado


  • What is Healing the Divide?

    There is a growing tension between and within us. A chasm that keeps us from the very thing we want: connection.


    A potent and timely answer to the Me Too Movement. An answer to the painful impacts that patriarchy has had on all genders. This is a solution to "toxic masculinity" and "toxic femininity." This is the call for us to come to shared reality, the roots of our empathy... to love ourselves in our fullness and find trust for our fellow Earth mates.


    Our culture tends to make taboo the subject of sexuality, leaving this integral part of our life hidden in the dark--especially between men and women-- which has created a painful divide.


    In this experience, we hold the question: what would it be like if we could create a bridge of understanding?


    More than 1,500 people nationwide have participated in the full day Healing the Divide workshop and we continually hear: “We want more, this has only scratched the surface.”


    We are extremely excited to be offering this first-ever full weekend experience to dive deeper into connection and wholeness with one another.



    Over the weekend, we will...

    • Share our truths and being heard around our experiences as sexual beings (both growing up and as we are now)
    • Discern socialized genders vs masculinity and femininity
    • Share our truths of being socialized as a male or female
    • Emote repressed resentment, hurt, and sadness; to speak the unspoken
    • Be in service to one another by holding space through breathwork and energetic practices
    • Experience being held, deeply and unconditionally
    • Sense and appreciate the beauty and gifts of the Masculine and Feminine
    • Expand connection and healing with conscious touch practices


    Some shares will undoubtedly be difficult, some joyous. Some will be about heartbreaks, pressures, loneliness, connections, or disconnections; some about fear, violence, stigma, or personal victories. Everyone has a different history, but indelibly, common threads emerge. This is an opportunity to deeply listen to people across gender divides, acknowledge the differences, and yet also recognize the things that, as humans, we all share.


    It is our belief that sexuality is an aspect of the human experience that has immense potential for beauty, connection, and bliss. Our deepest wish is to assist in opening beyond fear, and to bring freedom to this expression.


    The Time is Now To Heal The Divide!


    Have you Already Taken Healing the Divide?


    For those who have experienced the day-long format of Healing The Divide, this is the next step down the path: a safe container to process trapped emotional energy. In addition to the Healing The Divide Process of storytelling and witnessing, we will lead you through vocal and somatic exercises designed to access and release the emotional charges carried deep within the nervous system. With space freed in our fields, we will have access to greater reconciliation of the Masculine and Feminine energies as they live within us and outside of us.


  • Meet the Team

    Dr. Hazel-Grace Yates

    Lead Facilitator

    Hazel-Grace has a doctorate in Human Sexuality and is a Somatic Sex Educator, Trauma Informed Practitioner, and a Sex and Relationship Coach. Her purpose is to end global toxic sexual shame and exalt pleasure.

    Aaron Michael

    Lead Facilitator

    Aaron Michael teaches women and couples how to optimize their sex life for pleasure and intimacy. He is passionate about providing adults an avant-garde sex education beyond talk therapy and anatomy drawings. When he is not making video courses or giving personal sessions he enjoys re-searching new material. He is the author and founder of Optimal Sex Life.

    Sean Patrick Maher

    Lead Facilitator

    Sean Patrick Maher is a Transformational Relationship Coach. He helps people who are tired of settling for less in relationships to reclaim their power and feel deeply met in fulfilling partnership. He weaves together many modalities, helping his clients to transform the root causes of their relational challenges and to stand firm in their resolve to create a fulfilling partnership.



    Golden, Colorado (Location of Venue Revealed upon Purchase)



    Friday: 5pm - 9pm (Please plan to arrive by 4:00pm. Vegan meal provided)

    Saturday: 10am - 6pm

    Sunday: 10am - 6pm



    Early Bird by September 24th: $475
    Payment Plan - 3 payments of $165
    After September 24th: $525
    Payment Plan - 3 payments of $185


    PARKING: Make sure you give yourself enough time to find parking.


    WATER BOTTLE: Remember your water bottle to stay hydrated!


    BRING LAYERS: So that you can be comfortable with the temperature of the room.


    We understand that the masculine and the feminine are energetic qualities that live inside all beings and are not inherently tied to gender or people. When referring to masculine we mean the quality of unconditional holding, spaciousness and ground. When referring to the feminine we mean the quality of unbounded, dynamic freedom and expression. Because of the way most of us have been socialized in a cisgendered, heteronormative patriarchal culture these energies have been thrown out of balance and seek healing in whatever way you currently identify.

  • What Participants Have Said About "Healing the Divide"

    "As a sex an intimacy educator, I was stunned by how little EVEN I knew about what boys go through in their childhood. My level of compassion and understanding for men has increased dramatically, which will allow me to serve ALL of my clients in a more evolved way. I am impassioned to encourage women to bring curiosity to the men in their lives."

    - Anonymous

    "Attending Healing The Divide was one of the most powerful, profound experiences of my adult life. It allowed me to see my fellow men AND women in a truly sympathetic light. It drew my eyes away from the subconscious filters of gender-specific guilt, shame, resentment, and fear that I had carried with me for my whole life. And it gave me the courage to start dismantling those filters."

    - Jonathan Walker, Poly Coach

    "Healing the divide was an opportunity to see and be seen, hear and be heard, feel and be felt. This was a place of power, healing, and love. For me, this event provided more healing in an afternoon than traditional therapy provides in a year."

    - Paul

    "Healing the Divide provides an opening into the secret women's club that men are not usually invited to enter. And women are invited into the inner sanctum of the "Man Cave." At the end, I experienced a thin slice of what it is to be a woman. The absolute honesty that was conveyed, blowing my pre-conceived notions of how *I* thought women thought about their roles in society, how they have felt unloved and unprotected, and flat-out abused. SUCH a great learning experience!"

    - Anonymous

    “I am so impressed with the level of awareness brought to creating and maintaining a safe container around sexuality. Our society desperately needs more compassion, understanding, and communication, and those qualities are at the heart of this workshop.”

    - Jennifer Gunsaullus, PhD

    “What an honor to witness people expressing their amazing stories. I walked away with great compassion for all the men and women in the room. I felt particularly tender towards all of the people who had once been children -- confused, hurt, or sad about their bodies -- and the beliefs they grew up with that have shaped who they are today. It changed the way I will interact with people and myself regarding sex and our bodies. “

    - April

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