• I work with men who...

    • Want to be a better lover
    • Desire to experience full body orgasm or multiple orgasms
    • Have experienced trauma and are ready to feel free and empowered
    • Want to create more intimacy and connection in their lives
    • Struggle with premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction
    • Want to learn about and experience anal pleasure
    • Want to safely explore power dynamic play 
  • Male Coaching Client

    "Before I met HazelGrace my life was closed and restricted and I couldn't express myself honestly. The experience I had during the sessions was amazing and I felt incredible about myself and more open. I am loving my sexuality, who I am as a person, and my inner strength. Thank you HazelGrace! "

    Male, 53

  • Working with me, you will experience...

    • Confidence as a lover
    • Tapping into your POWERFUL PRIMAL energy
    • Expansion of orgasmic pleasure with self and other
    • Deeper intimacy through practical communication practices 
    • Increased body positivity
    • Courage to ask for what you DESIRE
    • Access to playfulness, creativity, curiosity and the freedom to explore
    • Transferable communication skills enhancing ALL relationships
    • Empowered thoughts and beliefs about sexuality
    • The ability to experience and receive more pleasure
    • An increase of skills and competencies to provide pleasure to your partner

    Here's how it works.

    • For long distance clients, I use Zoom, a video platform.
    • For in person clients I work in Colorado and Austin, TX.
    • I am also available to travel to clients. 
  • Male Coaching Client

    "HazelGrace helped me create a channel of communication with my body that I didn't know I could have or even knew that I was missing. It was so empowering. I feel like I have this tool now to listen to my body and know what I need. She also gave me great tips and things I could practice to continue empowering myself and discovering my sexuality through a new lens. It was beautiful and I'm so grateful!"
    Male, 44

  • Think we might be a match?

    Let's Chat.

    I offer a FREE 45-minute Discovery Session so we can dive into your specific needs and see if working together is a good fit.

  • Male Coaching Client

    "Prior to meeting HazelGrace, I had been in a sexless relationship for 17 years. I finally had the courage to break it off, but was left adrift in my late thirties with no concept of who I was sexually. Despite moving on to a loving and sexual relationship, I still felt lost and confused. With the support of my new partner, I went to see HazelGrace. The sessions can best be characterized as loving, accepting, and comfortable. She respected my boundaries and encouraged me to explore and expand my horizons. She seemed to intuitively understand what I needed, and her insights have had an amazing impact. I can now better understand what I need, and communicate that to my partner. This has revolutionized our relationship, opening doors that I thought forever closed. I would recommend her without reservation to anyone searching for support and guidance on their life journey."

    Male, 40

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