• I work with men who...

    • Want to be a better lover
    • Desire to experience full body orgasm or multiple orgasms
    • Have experienced trauma and are ready to feel free and empowered
    • Want to create more intimacy and connection in their lives
    • Struggle with premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction
    • Want to learn about and experience anal pleasure
    • Want to safely explore power dynamic play 
  • Working with me, you will experience...

    • Confidence as a lover
    • Tapping into your POWERFUL PRIMAL energy
    • Expansion of orgasmic pleasure with self and other
    • Deeper intimacy through practical communication practices 
    • Increased body positivity
    • Courage to ask for what you DESIRE
    • Access to playfulness, creativity, curiosity and the freedom to explore
    • Transferable communication skills enhancing ALL relationships
    • Empowered thoughts and beliefs about sexuality
    • The ability to experience and receive more pleasure
    • An increase of skills and competencies to provide pleasure to your partner

    Here's how it works.

    • For long distance clients, I use Zoom, a video platform.
    • For in person clients I work in Colorado and Austin, TX.
    • I am also available to travel to clients. 
  • Think we might be a match?

    Let's Chat.

    I offer a FREE 45-minute Discovery Session so we can dive into your specific needs and see if working together is a good fit.

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