• Do you feel bored, lost or frustrated in the bedroom?


    Do you ever worry if you are normal?


    Do you fear you are not a good lover?

    Do you feel intimidated to ask for or receive what you want?


    Do you yearn for a deep, playful, erotic sex life?

  • The sex education most of us received is laughable.


    No wonder so many of us don’t know how to curiously explore and cultivate our own erotic potential, let alone discover someone else’s in a healthy, heart-centered and experimental way.

  • That's why I've created the Sexually Empowered Life Program.

    Through this intensive 4-month course, you will learn to examine and discover the beliefs and thoughts about sex that have likely led to your disempowerment and lack of confidence that impact the quality of your sex life.

    Together, we will deeply explore how to transform the feeling of isolation through experiential and relational practices, so that you’re relationship to sex and intimacy is transformed in rapid time.

  • Participants report...

    • Expansion of orgasmic pleasure for self and other
    • Deeper intimacy through practical communication practices 
    • Increased body positivity
    • Skills and confidence to provide pleasure to your partner
    • Courage to ask for and receive what you want in the bedroom
    • Transferable communication skills enhancing ALL relationships
    • Empowered thoughts and beliefs about sexuality
    • Access to playful, creativity, curiosity and freedom to experiment
  • "Before the program, I felt unsure of what I wanted and afraid to ask for what I wanted. I felt guarded around my heart and was quick to tamper desire if I didn't think someone would be interested. Now I feel more curious and exploratory with my sexuality, my sexual energy, and more comfortable with different emotions and sensations. Asking for what I want is easier, and I feel more clear about what I want. My heart feels more open, both in sexual relationships and even platonic friendships. I feel more present, relaxed and open when having sex."


    Female Client, Age 32

  • Dr. HazelGrace's 7 Step Methodology

    • Module 1: Intention - Get in YOUR right relationship with sexuality.
    • Module 2: Landscape of Intimacy – Access richness and depth in connection.
    • Module 3: Power of Receiving – Expand your capacity to receive.
    • Module 4: Power of Asking – Courage and skill to ask for your desires.
    • Module 5: Your Erotic Self – Optimize your erotic potential.
    • Module 6: Masterful Giver – Maximize your partner’s pleasure.
    • Module 7: Humility and Dignity – Tap into confident curiosity.
  • Choose the level that is right for you!

    Level 1 Includes...

    Over four months, you will receive 7 modules each containing:

    • Video Course - These videos resemble a workshop in the privacy of your own home that you can rewatch anytime you want. I share personal stories and demonstrate practices to make learning easy.

    • Module Content - Reading the content helps you retain the information and provides a powerful avenue for comprehension and absorption.

    • Homework Exploration - So that you can put the knowledge into practical application and integration. Understanding is different than being these distinctions and learnings.

    *Time Commitment: 2-4 hours per module


  • Level 2 Includes...

    • All Materials from Level 1


    • Comprehensive Intake Assessment - so that you experience clarity on your sexual past and present, and create a clear picture of where you want to go on this journey. This information will allow me to know how to best serve you in your group or private sessions with me.
    • 8 Group coaching sessions - We meet as a small group of amazing men and women who listen, care and support one another every step of the way. This is a highly personal and intimate experience. (Group size is often less than 5 people)
      • 60 Minute sessions
      • Held on 1st and 3rd Tuesday 5pm PST, 8pm EST
      • Will use Zoom platform for the sessions (Zoom is similar to Skype), so you can video in or call in
      • Sessions will be recorded if you miss a session
  • Level 3 Includes...

    • Everything from Level 1 and Level 2


    • 4 Private Sessions - So that you can get customized support in the areas that

      you need the most attention and support. Each session is tailored to your individual needs as they arise

    • Email Support Between Sessions - So that if you feel stuck, lost or confused you have access to me directly through email.

    • Your Erotic Roadmap Workbook... so that you can have a map of your erotic fingerprint. You can update your erotic fingerprint as you continue to evolve. This roadmap is especially useful to give to your partners as an instruction manual to bring you ecstatic pleasure!

    • Bonus 8th Module - This module supports you to anchor and solidify all the beautiful work you have completed and celebrate your sexually empowered being self!

  • Is this Program for You?

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