• Sex Catalyst Academy

    6 Month Training Program for Sex Positive Facilitation


  • What is a Sex Catalyst?

    A leader who is committed to the global evolution of sexuality through empowerment, holistic wellness, and celebration of the erotic.

    This is the dawn of a new era in intimacy.


    Today’s sexual revolutionaries enjoy access to a wealth of information and exploration that was unheard of in prior generations.


    We get to live in a sex positive reality where healthy, inclusive attitudes about sexuality can thrive.


    Our parents might have lived through the sexual revolution, but we are living in the age of sexual evolution.


    We are privileged to create a world where there is pleasure without shame and conscious consent is celebrated.


    So how do we forge this new path to creating a better world of exalted pleasure?


    How do you become a major player in one of the most important movements in human history?


    How can you have a dynamic, joy-filled career AND have a massive impact on humanity?


    Enter Sex Catalyst Academy, a comprehensive training for inspired facilitators who want to take their gifts to the next level.


    Our program is designed to take enthusiastic leaders and teach them how to foster creative, impactful containers that empower others.


    This course is for you if:

    • You’re integrity-oriented and want to enter the lucrative sex-positive field as a career

    • You’re a leader or facilitator who wants to improve your skills

    • You're passionate about sexual wellness, empowerment and the eradication of toxic sexual shame in our culture

    • You want to collaborate and cultivate a community with other sex-positive leaders

    • You’re an ambitious sex coach, healer, or educator that wants a better way to gain 1:1 clients, increase revenue, and grow your audience

    Together we’ll explore:

    • Consent: understanding the embodied language of permission and safety
    • Pathways to eradicate shame

    • Gender diversity & inclusivity

    • Trauma-informed facilitation

    • Marketing: how to attract your ideal clients

    • Logistics of Event Production

    • Conscious Containers: Crafting the safest possible environments

    • Right Use of Power: Understanding power dynamics

    • Curriculum design: How to make your workshop flow

    • The ART of Leadership: Authentic, Responsive, and Transparent (based on the work of Sara Ness)

    • YOUR Leadership is the RIGHT leadership: Cultivating your own style

    • Reading the room: Attunement to your audience

    • The power of innovative collaboration

    Certified Sex Catalysts will receive guided mentorship and specific training in the areas of consent-informed leadership and personal presence. You’ll learn how to stand in your own power all while holding transformational space for those around you.

    This program is designed for people with experience, passion and/or training in:

    • Tantra
    • Kink
    • Sexual wellness
    • Trauma healing
    • Play Party facilitation
    • Swingers lifestyle
    • Polyamory
    • Youth education
    • Couples counseling
    • Pleasure activism
    • Embodiment practices
    • Movement or dance
    • Burlesque
    • Sexual entertainment
    • Group support facilitation
    • Gender diversity leadership
    • Disabilities
    • Sex Work
    • Sexual Education

    Together we are liberating sexuality from the shadows and bringing pleasure into the age of enlightenment.




    • 12 online evening classes using Zoom video conference calls (30 hours)
    • 5-day in-person immersive experiential training in Denver, CO (37 hours)
    • You will design and facilitate your own teachings and receive high-quality feedback from the staff and cohort
    • Reading and homework assignments between sessions
    • Once a month you will facilitate an event in your home town and elicit feedback from your participants
    • You will be assigned accountability buddies that will support you throughout the training
    • Dormitory style lodging provided in Denver, CO for the 5-day training (food is not included)

    Dates: July 7 - December 22, 2020



    Online classes: Tuesday evenings 6:00-8:30 pm Mountain Time

    July 7, July 28, Aug 11, Aug 18, Sept 8, Sept 22, Oct 13, Oct 27, Nov 10, Nov 24, Dec 8, & Dec 22.


    In-Person Immersive

    September/October TBD


    Optional Post-Grad Sex Catalyst Retreat

    January 22 - 24, 2021



    Tuition of 6-month program: $3,000

    $500 Deposit secures your spot



  • What People Have Said About Hazel-Grace's Facilitation

    "My experience of HG as a facilitator is that she’s constantly accessing compassion, appreciation, and vision for every person she facilitates, as well as a genuine excitement for their growth. Above everything else, I’ve felt held by her in my facilitation journey in a way that gives me enough safety to push my edges."

    "Hazel-Grace’s facilitation has really helped me with my imposter syndrome. She has a way of simultaneously inhabiting her vulnerability and power that gives me permission to lean into my own power despite my insecurities."

    "Hazel-Grace is full of wisdom. She has this way of dropping little pearls of wisdom as she facilitates and mentors, precisely when needed. As I write this, several nuggets come to mind, and I realize that they have not only been helpful in my own facilitation, but in my entire life."

    "With intuitive care and grace, Hazel-Grace holds a room, consistently employing what feels like the right tools to open hearts and minds, with effortless grounded energy. I would take any workshop, even the most she was offering because I trust her sensitivity as a facilitator through and through."

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