• Sexually Empowered Life Program Client

    "Before HazelGrace’s program, I felt shy in my sexuality and afraid to ask for what I wanted. Now, I feel that I have become so much more experimental in my voice. I have tried to push my boundaries in asking for my desires which has allowed me to see how my love life could become even more full."

    Female, 34

  • Male Coaching Client

    "Never before have I heard so clearly or FELT so deeply the love that I was worthy of because HazelGrace helped me realize I am love. It was like when she spoke a light went off in my head and my heart ignited and it has stayed with me ever since. And all of my relationships have been full of love and excitement ever since. So thank you, thank you, thank you for everything you do!"

    Male, 48

  • Female Workshop Participant

    "What I love about Dr. HazelGrace’s workshop is that they’re always interactive, edgy, and perfect for where I’m at in the moment. I’ve done a lot of work around my sexuality, and feel empowered as a woman and a sexuality coach, so I attended this workshop with curiosity to see what was left to be discovered. It definitely deepened me. Using the tools from the workshop, my partner and I dove deeper into vulnerability with each other in a safe container, which expanded our love and compassion for one another. We’ve made new agreements and I know we will continue to use the communication tools Dr. HazelGrace offered. If you are someone who would like to experience self love, learn better communication tools for you and your partnerships, or simply want to explore the empowered life, fully engaged in your healthy, sexual being and knowingness, this workshop is for you."
    A’ra Blair, RN, BA, LSC Author, Sacred Sexuality, Reclaiming the Divine Feminine Sexual Health Services Providers Supervisor for CDPHE

  • Thank You Note From a Couple

    "I am writing to thank you for the wonderful work you've done with us. There was a time when my lover felt shame about his desires - and the love I have received from him clearly reflects our transformation. He is comfortable with himself, his sexuality, and with being emotionally and physically intimate. His touch is respectful, tender, and made me feel 'seen' and spoiled. It's not merely physical awareness -- his gaze and other aspects of his lovemaking reflected much more than just learned technique -- we have really grown together deeply."

    Female, 43

  • Client's Experience from a Discovery Session

    "I felt pretty nervous before my Discovery Session with Dr. HazelGrace Yates, but something about her open and nonjudgmental nature immediately helped me shed feelings of shame about sex, intimacy, and relationships as we started to talk about my story and figure out if working together was a good match. I was so impressed by her preparedness, communication, and intention to understand my experiences, where I was at, and where I hoped to grow. The session gave me a very clear understanding of what it looks like to work with her, and I am excited to continue doing so."
    Female, 23

  • Fellow Sex-Positive Professional

    "HazelGrace seems to have this aura of magnetism that draws people in. Add to this natural charisma her genuine passion and desire to connect with all people and the result is a powerful leader and facilitator. I found myself entranced by her innate ability to read and direct a group of people into a space of active learning, a skill which I have found to be quite rare. Her radiant enthusiasm allows for the deep insight that she has around sexuality, inter and intrapersonal relationships and the wonderful interplay of feminine/masculine polarities to be shared in an open, playful and professional way.​"

    Female, 39


  • Couple


    "HazelGrace has earned our respect and trust in a very short period of time. She is incredibly intuitive and asks great questions that guide us individually and as a couple to better ourselves and one another. She has been methodical yet flexible in each of our sessions to maintain a sense of direction while being present in each moment of discovery. We love how she incorporates meditation, communication exercises and practical assignments into such a creative approach."
    Couple, 35 & 39

  • Male Coaching Client

    "HazelGrace brings such whimsical curiosity to every learning situation. One feels safe to express their deepest truths. She is masterful at providing clarity with her words, and demonstrates unyielding patience when she listens to your words. You may be overwhelmed by her capacity to hear you and understand your story. HazelGrace models that we are 100% responsible for all that we create. She encourages us to move away from the judgment of others and adopt an attitude of 100% inclusion and acceptance of all humans. She helps remind us that we always were, and will always be, pure Love."

    Male, 52

  • Sex Positive Professional Colleague

    "In a heartbeat HazelGrace captivates her friends, peers, and strangers. She gains this world’s trust by exposing her own vulnerabilities and selflessly providing others with love and compassion. Her strong connection to her genuine self is to be marveled at. “I want what HazelGrace has,” is what I imagine so many people have said to themselves in their heads just before beginning the genesis of their own massive personal transformation. HazelGrace has spent vast amounts of her time (and finances) in order to learn various methodologies of communication that render more efficiency and expressiveness. She helps those who crave more sexual expressiveness and satisfaction from themselves and their partners. Sexual shame and oppression is washed away by the encouragement of self-expression."
    Male, 46

  • Sexually Empowered Life Program Client

    "What I valued most about HazelYates is that she is completely non-judgmental, while still being perceptive and truthful. Especially about sexuality, she is both a safe and a useful person to talk to - which can be a hard combination to find. ​​​I also greatly respect her courage in facilitating open conversations about sexuality. In this time of hyper-blatant-saturation-sex, the path to compassionate openness and truthfulness still requires great skill to chart, and she does it very well indeed."
    Female, 39

  • Male Coaching Client

    "Before I met HazelGrace my life was closed and restricted and I couldn't express myself honestly. The experience I had during the sessions was amazing and I felt incredible about myself and more open. I am loving my sexuality, who I am as a person, and my inner strength. Thank you HazelGrace! "

    Male, 53

  • Male Workshop Participant

    "I have worked with few facilitators like HazelGrace. Her practice of presence, vulnerability, and curiosity shows up in every aspect of her being. Her words, her touch, her questions, her listening, and the way she moves creates a sense of comfort.

    I watched amazed as she met each individual in our group with a full heart and courage. The tone she set during the workshop made it not only safe, but perfectly natural to question, explore, and settle into my self. Her ability to facilitate sharing showed up in her both as moderator and participant. I found plenty of room to contribute and boundaries were easy to address and experience, even in the form of the word, “No.”

    Looking back on the night of the workshop to the present, I see lasting impacts every day and I can’t wait to learn in her company again. My life is now better for attending, and I am thankful for the work she does. HazelGrace has my highest recommendation as someone to learn from."
    Male, 30

  • Female Coaching Client

    "Before meeting HazelGrace, I never asked for what I wanted sexually, my heart felt closed and my desires were loaded with shame. I now have a more patient, peaceful relationship with my sexuality. I realized my body gives me a lot of confidence and I left her program with tools to ask for what I want in a way that makes me feel safe. I understand and accept my desire more. And I also feel more ready to give and receive with an open heart."

    Female, 26


  • Male Coaching Client

    "Prior to meeting HazelGrace, I had been in a sexless relationship for 17 years. I finally had the courage to break it off, but was left adrift in my late thirties with no concept of who I was sexually. Despite moving on to a loving and sexual relationship, I still felt lost and confused. With the support of my new partner, I went to see HazelGrace. The sessions can best be characterized as loving, accepting, and comfortable. She respected my boundaries and encouraged me to explore and expand my horizons. She seemed to intuitively understand what I needed, and her insights have had an amazing impact. I can now better understand what I need, and communicate that to my partner. This has revolutionized our relationship, opening doors that I thought forever closed. I would recommend her without reservation to anyone searching for support and guidance on their life journey."

    Male, 40

  • Sexually Empowered Life Program Client

    "I used to experience resistance to being sexual, without really understanding what was going on for me. I had little awareness when it comes to my genital anatomy and physiology. I also struggled with knowing what I want and asking for it. Because of HazelGrace, I now feel more curious and exploratory with my sexuality. I feel more accepting of my body, more connected to my truest desires, and more loving toward the struggle I see in others and myself. My ability to ask for what I want was the most noticeably improved aspect."

    Female, 38

  • Fellow Sex Positive Facilitator

    "HazelGrace has changed the way I view sexuality. Since I met her, the shame I have felt around the topic has begun melting away. As a facilitator, she is able to track the energy of language in such a way that it transforms into a powerful tool of creation. In a group she is a captivating and humble leader. She is often willing to stop what she is doing in the name of service to her peers. She both encourages and models a type of creative freedom and does it in a way that is entertaining and fun for everyone around her. Since HazelGrace came into my life as a facilitator I have felt heard, seen, loved and supported in a way that I have never before experienced from another human. Her beauty and experience comes from being perfectly human. With her presence she offers a non-judgmental, attentive and safe space from which to heal from sexual shame and trauma."
    Female, 26

  • Male Workshop Participant

    "HazelGrace is absolutely amazing. I've been to a few of her workshops and they have been, without a doubt, the best I've ever been to. HazelGrace effortlessly fluctuates between the roles of facilitator, witness, and caregiver, depending on the energy and need for each. The safe containers she creates are the ideal place for enlightenment, discovery, and healing. I feel so good after her experiences and can never wait for the next one. If you are ready to go deep with yourself and others, let HazelGrace lead the way."

    Male, 57

  • Female Coaching Client

    "I spent my life in a state of confusion about sex, sexuality, intimacy and who I am as a sexual being, due to the projections and twisted messages I received. I thought that I was 'supposed' to have a higher sex 'drive' and that I was 'supposed' to desire my boyfriend sexually at all times if I really loved him. I assumed that there must be something wrong with me since my body's desires and signals didn't match these beliefs. HazelGrace held space for me to be validate that there is nothing wrong with me! She also guided me in discovering WHY my natural state is abstinence at times, which helped me to understand and honor my intuition and signals from my body. I now feel empowered to stand firm in who I Am without shame, and I feel prepared to enter into the next romantic relationship with a solid understanding of sexual energy and intimacy as it relates to my life. The spiritual space that HazelGrace holds is one where true healing occurs. Thank you, HazelGrace!"

    Female, 27

  • Male Coaching Client

    "HazelGrace helped me create a channel of communication with my body that I didn't know I could have or even knew that I was missing. It was so empowering. I feel like I have this tool now to listen to my body and know what I need. She also gave me great tips and things I could practice to continue empowering myself and discovering my sexuality through a new lens. It was beautiful and I'm so grateful!"
    Male, 44

  • Fellow Visionary

    "You are a visionary and a pioneer who has already deeply impacted a communities and evolutionaries in profound ways. As I am on my way to facilitate a group of them, it occurred to me how grateful I am that you are such an important part of the fabric this community and tribe we both love so much."
    Female, 45

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