• Virtual Intimacy Retreat

    Reestablishing Connection in Three Days

    July 10-12, 2020

  • Join Us For A Virtual Gathering Unlike Any Other.

    Step into this intentional, virtual get-away,

    where we will collectively redefine Connection

    in this highly interactive and experiential workshop space.


    Be guided by heart-centered intimacy experts

    and engage with a rich group of participants

    throughout this three-day Retreat.

    During our weekend, we will have the opportunity to learn and explore...

    • Authentic Movement
    • Building Intimacy & Relationship in Quarantine
    • Tantric Practices
    • Circling & Authentic Relating
    • Self-Care/Self-Regulation Practices
    • Pleasure Practices
    • Primal Play
    • Clothing-Optional Ecstatic Dance
    • Grief Rituals
    • Fusion Dance
    • Creative and Artistic Expression
    • Intimacy through Kink and BDSM

    Online space is still Real Life space.

    Here, we have a room to occupy Intimacy.

  • Come closer.

  • Workshops from May 2020 Retreat

    If you were referred to this Retreat by a specific facilitator or if you want to support a specific facilitator, click on their name beneath their photo to buy your ticket directly from them.


    Hazel-Grace has a doctorate in Human Sexuality and is a Somatic Sex Educator, Trauma Informed Practitioner, and a Sex and Relationship Coach. Her purpose is to end global toxic sexual shame and exalt pleasure.


    Crista Reid (She/Her)

    watch her interview with me!

    Crista Reid is a life-long creator, artist, and Colorado native. She is the founder of Permission Productions, a connective, sex-positive, consent-focused events company, bringing light to nightlife in Boulder, CO. Crista offers classes, workshops, and one-on-one coaching around burlesque, sensuality, consent, and sexual empowerment.


    Josie Ivy Nixon (Pronoun Inclusive)

    watch their interview with me!

    Josie Ivy Nixon is a Denver Producer focused on furthering conversation around identities and how we all relate as a community. They have a passion for providing a platform for the voices of the marginalized through stories of vulnerability and raw truth.

    Intimacy Doesn't Have to Feel Good

    Apollo Love (He/His)

    Intimacy without authenticity is a performance. We're in a collective trauma response right now and it's important for us to both apologize and forgive others, and ourselves, for the way we're each handling this experience. What is our relationship with our anger and triggered behaviors? We will be releasing shame from what we perceive as negative emotions/experiences.

    Decoding Desire: Pleasure Sovereignty in the Age of Sex

    Terra Anderson (They/Them)

    Watch their interview with me!

    Build intimacy with yourself and your partner by exploring and deconstructing your attitudes around kink and sexuality. We will explore how your world has shaped your judgments, attitudes and fears around kink in order to expand personal, relational and global fulfillment.

    Working with Your Fascia

    (Not Against It)

    Aaron Michael (As You Wish)

    This work shop is about how to work with and follow the body as an active-receiver and adaptive-giver regarding touch. We will work with the stomach and go into the greater implications this carries inside the bedroom as an everyday couple or practitioner.

    Activate the Essential Elements of Eroticism​

    Usha Rose (She/Her)

    watch her interview with me!

    Discover the erotic qualities of the four primary elements, (Earth, Air, Fire and Water) how they relate to your unique sexuality and how to activate them for greater pleasure and a more satisfying sex life! Understand more about what turns you on, what turns you off and why, as well as how to accentuate the turn-ons and decrease the turn-offs (or vice versa depending on your situation.) Expect dancing, erotic embodiment practices and partner sharing activities.

    Energetic Sex for Pragmatists

    Join sex and relationship geek Reid Mihalko for some frank, fun, and electrifying learning including: Resonance Play: a way to engage with sexual energy that isn’t about gender or polarity, Kriyas (“the twitchys”) and what to do when you or a lover experiences them, how a wine glass can expand your sexual prowess, and how “pressure play” and where so you can help unlock and activate points on your lover’s body! All levels of experience and curiosities welcome!

    Self-Awareness &

    Mental Health in BDSM

    Devyn Stone (He/His)

    Watch his interview with me!

    No matter which side of the slash you fall on... what happens in BDSM requires self awareness. We will discuss our personalities, how we love, how we fight, and how we can work together. We will make this journey accessible to all.

    Moving from the Heart: A Partnered Practice for Intimates and Friends

    So often we think we know what we want and we rush through important moments, missing opportunities for connecting to what’s True. Using the Invitation Circle from Cocréa, we will learn to attune to our own desire and to our partner by centering our awareness in our heart and connecting our breath. Through inviting, allowing, acclimating and relaxing, our meditation and movement journey will be a slow exploration of listening and responding in a non-attached flow of energetic exchange.

    Shedding Body Shame

    Hannah Heart (She/Her)

    Like a snake, we will release the past, revealing a refreshed relationship with our own bodies. Slither, shake, and strip your insecurities away. Alchemize your shame into confidence as our collective triggers about our bodies turn to gold for the soul. Clothing-optional.

    All emotions welcome.

    Womb Wisdom

    All humans, regardless of gender or body partys, have the energetic imprint of a womb, all genders are welcome. The womb is the heart of the temple, intuition and vision. The womb is also a place of darkness, primordial energy and unseen forces. Where darkness may stir up fear and emotions, it also has a great deal to teach.
    It is a place of wild wisdom, limitless potential, resourcefulness and creation. Step into the mystery of your womb and awaken the potency of your power. Listen to the whispers of the untold stories and unsung songs that lie within you, waiting to be birthed.

    Intimacy, As We Know It, Is Dead (Part 1: Soften Your Body, Lose Your Mind)

    In this introduction, Raquel invites you to explore your vast & fascinating internal landscape; In order to traverse ecstatically, we must survey the terrain!


    By softening the pelvic floor, heart & throat, we become the inherent conduit of Creative Source. We begin to notice what is tense, held and contracted, and we can release what wants to let go in order to let Divinity move, work, & love THROUGH us. We’ll create a sense of safety, support & trust in the body, and entice the mind to surrender to new thoughts, ideas & aligned aways of Being.

    Intimacy, As We Know It, Is Dead (Part 2: Create the New Way)

    Ali continues our journey, bringing awareness outward as we begin to notice the way we habitually create (or repel!) intimacy, closeness, and relationship.


    Our minds love to recognize patterns--we are naturally & subconsciously drawn to what our brains are familiar with so that the body can exist in a way that it’s used to: with all its relaxation, tension patterns, thoughts and rituals. In order to invite in what is meant for us, we must do something differently!

    Intimacy, As We Know It, Is Dead (Part 3: Shakti Unleashed: Embodiment)

    In this final piece of our practice, Wakenda takes us on an incredible journey from the head to the heart. Begin to rewire your neural pathways in the most visceral, somatic, & ecstatic way. Get ready to move, laugh, cry, be aroused, touched & come alive as we awaken the serpent of Kundalini energy, Shakti.


    When we unleash this energy, we merge with our Inner and Outer Beloveds, peace, ecstasy, love, & the unending satisfaction that resides within us, and is accessible at any moment we desire it.

    Primal Emergence & Sensual Sound ​

    Journey into the mystery of your primal and sensual expression through exploring sound, primal awareness and movement. Primal Emergence is a workshop to cultivate and strengthen connection to the wisdom of presence, body mind awareness and raw expression. Primal Emergence is a space where we explore the mysteries of our creative expression and social potential.

    Naked Ecstatic Dance

    Major (He/His)

    Focusing on movement and sensuality, Naked Ecstatic Dance is a Guided movement meditation using the 5rhythm practice. This body positive experience allows participants to tap into the somatic experience while riding a one hour Wave.

    Grieve It On The Floor

    Sarah Haight (She/Her)

    Watch her interview with me!

    This is a ceremony for connection to the powerful force of grief, a deep honoring and sacred container for the full unbridled expression of your loss and our collective losses, where the healing power of dance, movement, music and community are the medicine.

    Pleasure as Prayer

    Sofia Sundari (She/Her)

    This practice will take you into a deep connection with your True Self, your pleasure and your love. Once you truly love yourself, you start vibrating the energy of love and contentment, and you attract more of the same from the world. You can have the life you desire, your unleashed sexuality is the gateway to your highest potential, you can be loved and honored for who you are, you can be filled with joy and ecstasy and your radiance is exactly the medicine that the world needs right now.

    Awaken Your Love Dragon

    A sensual embodiment adventure through the playful curiosity of your inner love dragon. This journey is divinely orchestrated to dance awake a fun and ferocious way to express yourself by uniting with the fierce grace and ancient wisdom of dragon play. Through valiant vulnerability and compassionate intimacy, let’s explore a unified field of forgiveness, gratitude, compassion, courage and sovereignty. Get ready to unleash profound new states of unstoppable self-confidence and liberating Self-Love.

    Kinky Tantra

    Kinky Tantra blends elements from conscious BDSM and tantric energy practices, utilizing trust, energy dynamics and breath to create a beautiful and intimate bonding experience. Conscious BDSM supports trust and awareness using established BDSM principles to create a flow of movement and energy that creates an altered space between self or partners. In this session, we dive into meditative breath work, and explore how to infuse impact, sense play and bondage with intention and tantric energy, offering heightened states of pleasure and connection.

    Wild Intimacy: Connecting

    to Inner and Outer Nature​

    If you’re ready to bring more wild intimacy into your life, this is the space for you. Intimacy is an experience that extends beyond what we can share human-to-human. It is a state of being, one we can explore within our own selves and in connection to nature. Tapping into our ever-present allies of breath, sound, touch and movement and engaging the instinct and impulse driven animal nature of our being, let’s journey together into the rich terrain of intimate connection within and around us.

    Creating Erotic Sovereignty:

    Self Pleasure in Community

    We will focus on the Somatic Practice of cultivating Erotic Sovereignty, the ability to be within one's own experience while in the presence of other(s), using erotic self pleasure and intimacy practices. We will expand the definition of "erotic" so that pleasure is the intention without a particular sexual agenda. Arousal is welcome and celebrated, but not required to show up in any particular way. We will experiment with the Oscillation of Erotic Attention; the ability to move seamlessly between an internal cultivation of erotic energy and external expression of erotic energy, to create a powerful group field.

    Seducing the Muse

    Eleanor O'Brien (She/Her Majesty)

    Watch her interview with me!

    A workshop designed to activate your libido, engage your heart, and stimulate your slippery bits! Transform your relationship to your sexuality by engaging your creativity: tap into the power of your erotic mind, and awaken joy in your body. Break through blocks, dismantle shame, and reclaim the power of your erotic creative imagination! You control the narrative. You create the arc. You decide the outcome. Making art out of the compost of your personal history is both empowering and liberating. Learn to trust the extraordinary power of lust! This workshop will lead you into the crucible of creative fire - your libido.

    Vulva Magic

    Myola Woods (She/Her)

    Watch her interview with me!

    There is so much to explore ‘down there.' With loving respect and using the tool of natural curiosity, Myola will lead you in increasing your knowledge of the biology and physiology of the vulva. Learn how the vulva moves through various stages of arousal, allowing a magical journey of heightened erotic states to unfold.

    Tantric Twerkshop:

    From Isolation to Liberation​

    Katie Scott (She/Her)

    Watch her interview with me!

    Twerk lesson combined with sacred Taoist & Tantric practices. Unravel shame and learn Tantric Qi Gong for sexual health, vitality, deeper pleasure, and healing. Experience the opportunity to expand through vulnerability, awaken your sensual fire, and develop a more intimate relationship with yourself. Remember the roots & origin of Twerk and the power of African Dance, and how to connect to grounding, revitalizing energy from the Earth. Bootys of all shapes, sizes, colors, genders and ages welcomed and encouraged-- "twerk beginners" especially encouraged!

    Luscious Lingam Loving:

    Honoring the Cock

    We will focus on conscious touch, breath/sound, communication, and creativity, increase sensation during Self Pleasuring, and during Lingam Massage and Oral Honoring for BOTH Receiver and Giver.

    Spark and validate appreciation, and delightful desire for, Celebrating the Wand. Yours or Another’s! Learn/Practice:
    Creating Sacred Space, Opening energy flow and arousal, Intensifying pleasure as a ‘Giver,’ Inviting Full Body Orgasms, Letting go of the goal of ejaculation, Increasing length and depth of ejaculatory orgasm.

    Soul Sex

    Sara Ness & Mara Blake (She/He & (She/Her)

    Do you feel the vibrancy between us? The potential for depth, just out of knowledge - friendship, lovership, partnership. This is present in every connection. Learn and experience how to turn that potential into reality, kinetic and alive. In this workshop, we will use clothes-on relational "games" to explore, with words and beyond them, the aliveness of connection present in every moment of being together with another human being. There will be a focus on exercises and skills to take outside of the workshop and use with others in your life.

    Handmade Deep Healing

    This journey will take you through ways your very own hands can release tension and trauma in your body as well as expand into more pleasure, safety, and comfort. This DIY experience is based on the Sexological Bodywork modality designed to encourage continual awakening to profound wellness and pleasure. It is likely this weekend will stir up lots of emotions: let this time be for nourishment and self-regulation. You will walk away with empowering tools you can use to continue your handmade healing journey.

    Chakra Sing and Self Pleasure

    Makaysha Rain (She/Her)

    Sing to open your chakras, pussy and cock! This workshop will begin with singing, toning, breathing & moving our bodies alive. Makaysha will lead us through the vocal tones to open the chakras and songs to awaken our voices. We will build to a self pleasure experience where the invitation is to pleasure yourself in whatever form you like while we open and tone the chakras from the root to the crown. We will edge our pleasure until we reach the crown chakra and orgasm together. We will share experiences and impacts towards the end of our time together.

    Being Held

    Feel held.

    It's the most significant well-wishing I can offer, because everything great in our lives is achieved once we feel held. As we take any big steps or risks in our lives, we are able to do that because we have a certain foundation in our lives, because we feel held somehow. It's a natural process. So what I wish for you all right now, especially if you don't feel well-held enough or if you actually can't be held by others right now, that you create a sense of feeling held for yourself.

    Come feel held.

    The Direct Intimacy of Embodied Presence​

    Danny Morris (They/Them)

    Watch their interview with me!

    How do we find depth of connection when we are not physically with each other? Our presence is non local, our presence is boundless, our presence can touch each other energetically anywhere through time and space. There is a direct intimacy, of simply being present with each other; grounded in our bodies, regulated in our nervous systems, open and vulnerable in our hearts, welcoming of our pleasure and joy.

    Mind Fuck: A Self-Exploration

    Sara Miller (She/He)

    Build intimacy with yourself and your partner by exploring and deconstructing your attitudes around kink and sexuality. We will explore how your world has shaped your judgments, attitudes and fears around kink in order to expand personal, relational and global fulfillment.

    Conscious Burlesque

    Access and embody your true erotic expression through the art of burlesque. Question your own assumptions about sexuality and what being sexy means to you. Birth a burlesque persona, discover authentic movement, and examine what it means to move through the world as a sexual being. Take away a sexy, burlesque move unique to you, and a deeper connection with your own inner fire.


    This will be an age inclusive, body positive, exploration of dance and embodiment, through 100% Trans and Queer Music!

    The Art of Trust: Connection Games Across the World!

    Lila Donnolo (She/Her)

    Watch her interview with me!

    A platonic experience of intimate relating. We'll play a series of unfolding games that melt our boundaries and deliver us ready and laughing to our mission of deep connection.

    Pussy Love: Celebrating the Pussy Through Art

    Each of us has some connection to a pussy. Now it is time to CELEBRATE this powerful, magical, and awe-inspiring part of our human experience! During the workshop this mother/daughter team will help guide people on creative projects to honor the pussy, or you can work on their own drawing, poetry, painting, story, craft project, etc.

    Into-Me-I-See: An Exploration of Movement & Witnessing​

    Using Authentic Movement, we will explore how our bodies want to move while being witnessed by another. Participants are encouraged to focus their attention on the present and explore their inner emotions through improvised dance. The intention of this session is to offer people a profound way to increase their capacity to feel intimate with oneself in the company of another.

    Virtual Dating During Quarantine

    Erin Tillman (She/Her)

    Watch her interview with me!

    Inclusive Dating Empowerment Coach, Author, Speaker, Dating App Consultant and Singles Event Host Erin Tillman of 10+ years empowers her students with tips for improving their dating and relationship lives virtually and in-person through dating app tips, communication and messaging tips, intimacy tips, and confidence boosters! In a world where singles date by default, Erin provides students with tips for making intentional connections in a conversational and relatable way.

    Good Grief!

    Sky Yeater (She/Her)

    This workshop will balance playful and substantive ways of engaging in grief and gratitude. This is a way to be heard and connect around frustrations, important experiences, and exaltations!

  • Weekend Details

    Weekend Dates & Times (in PST):

    May 8, 9:00am - 5:30pm

    May 9, 9:00am - 9:00pm

    May 10, 9:00am - 5:30pm


    Weekend Cost:
    Virtual Intimacy Retreat values inclusivity. In consideration of the uncertain and challenging times we are in, this event is being held on a pay-what-you-can basis. The recommended contribution for this experience is $99, with sliding scale options between $49 and $199. If $49 is still out of your reach, we want to know what you can afford. Contact josienixoniv@gmail.com to find more information.


    Your contribution above the recommended price supports those who are not able to pay as much for their ticket. We are so grateful for your additional support.

    If by the end of the Virtual Intimacy Retreat, you are dissatisfied with your experience, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Please contact permissionproductionsllc@gmail.com if for any reason you feel the value was not met.


    Please note that this event is an 18+ space. There will be instances of optional nudity.


    To hold visibility and awareness within the workshops, all participants are asked to have their cameras turned on. We can't, however, guarantee the digital security of any participant. No recordings of any kind will be allowed during the workshops. We will be recording the opening circle session so that all participants will have access to this information.

  • --- Friday Schedule ---

    (US Pacific Time)

    9:00am - 9:30am - Opening Circle

    9:30am - 11:00am - First Session

    Intimacy As We Know it Is Dead (Part 1) - The Tanktrikas Nextdoor

    Activate the Essential Elements of Eroticism - Usha Rose

    Into-Me-I-See: An Exploration of Movement & Witnessing - Laurie Ellington


    11:15am - 12:45pm - Second Session

    Mind Fuck: Self-Exploration - Sara Miller

    Being Held - Erin Brandt

    Song from the Heart - Makaysha Rain

    12:45pm - 2:00pm - Lunch Break

    2:00pm - 2:15pm - Post-Break Circle

    2:15pm - 3:45pm - Third Session

    Good Grief! - Sky Yeater

    C'MON BODY! - Madë Beautiful

    Seducing the Muse - Eleanor O'Brien

    4:00pm - 5:30pm - Fourth Session

    Wild Intimacy: Connecting to Inner & Outer Nature - Darshana Avila

    Self-Awareness and Mental Health in BDSM - Devyn Stone

    Shedding Body Shame - Hannah Heart

    5:30pm - 6:00pm - Closing Circle

    --- Saturday Schedule ---

    (US Pacific Time)

    9:00am - 9:30am - Opening Circle

    9:30am - 11:00am - First Session

    Pleasure as Prayer - Sofia Sundari

    Intimacy As We Know It Is Dead (Part 2) - The Tanktrikas Nextdoor

    Naked Ecstatic Dance - Major


    11:15am - 12:45pm - Second Session

    Luscious Lingham Loving: Honoring the Cock - Dawn Beck & Gerard Gatz

    Direct Intimacy as Presence - Danny Morris

    Grieve It On The Floor - Sarah Haight

    12:45pm - 2:00pm - Lunch Break

    2:00pm - 2:15pm - Post-Break Circle

    2:15pm - 3:45pm - Third Session

    Vulva Magic - Myola Woods

    Moving From the Heart: A Partnered Practice for Intimates and Friends - Shivoso Phoenix

    Intimacy Doesn't Always Have to Feel Good - Apollo Love

    4:00pm - 5:30pm - Fourth Session

    Kinky Tantra - Rev Rucifer & Dominus Eros

    Tantra Twerkshop: From Isolation to Liberation - Katie Scott

    Primal Emergence and Sensual Sound - Ka Luna Ki Ato

    5:30pm - 6:00pm - Closing Circle


    6:00pm - 7:30pm - Optional: Games Night

    The Art of Trust: Connection Games Around the World - Lila Donnolo


    7:00 - 9:00pm - Optional: Virtual Play Party!

    Hosted by: Reid Mihalko, Hazel-Grace Yates, and Crista Reid

    --- Sunday Schedule ---

    (US Pacific Time)

    9:00am - 9:30am - Opening Circle

    9:30am - 11:00am - First Session

    Intimacy As We Know It Is Dead (Part 3) - The Tankrikas Nextdoor

    Working With Your Fascia (Not Against It) - Aaron Michael

    Womb Wisdom - Alice Hong


    11:15am - 12:45pm - Second Session

    Energetic Sex for Pragmatists - Reid Mihalko

    Decoding Desires: Pleasure Sovereignty in the Age of Sex - Terra Anderson

    Conscious Burlesque - Mademoiselle Tangerine

    12:45pm - 2:00pm - Lunch Break

    2:00pm - 2:15pm - Post-Break Circle

    2:15pm - 3:45pm - Third Session

    Creating Erotic Sovereignty: Self Pleasure in Community - Victor Warring

    Soul Sex - Sara Ness & Mara Blake

    Virtual Dating During Quarantine - Erin Tillman

    4:00pm - 5:30pm - Fourth Session

    Handmade Deep Healing - Dr. Hazel-Grace Yates

    Awakening Your Love Dragon - Compasha Mama

    Pussy Love: Celebrating The Pussy Through Art - Nicole & Mariana Parish

    5:30pm - 6:00pm - Closing Circle

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