• I work with women who...

    • Yearn to feel more desire and pleasure 
    • Want to ask for what they want
    • Want to reclaim their bodies from all of the times they were touched without permission
    • Have pelvic pain
    • Desire to experience orgasm
    • Want to enjoy self-pleasure more
    • Have experienced trauma and are ready to feel free and empowered
    • Want to create more intimacy and connection in their lives
    • Want to learn about and experience anal pleasure
    • Want to safely explore power dynamic play 
  • Sexually Empowered Life Program Client

    "Before HazelGrace’s program, I felt shy in my sexuality and afraid to ask for what I wanted. Now, I feel that I have become so much more experimental in my voice. I have tried to push my boundaries in asking for my desires which has allowed me to see how my love life could become even more full."

    Female, 34

  • Working with me, you will experience...

    • Clarity of boundaries
    • Empowered Yes's and No's
    • Access to desire
    • An increase of orgasmic pleasure for self and other
    • Deeper intimacy through practical communication practices 
    • Increased body positivity
    • Access to playfulness, creativity, curiosity and the freedom to explore
    • Transferable communication skills enhancing ALL relationships
    • Empowered thoughts and beliefs about sexuality
    • The ability to experience and receive more pleasure
    • An increase of skills and competencies to provide pleasure to your partner
    • Courage to ask for what you DESIRE

    Here's how it works.

    • For long distance clients, I use Zoom, a video platform.
    • For in person clients I work in Colorado and Austin, TX.
    • I am also available to travel to clients. 
  • Female Coaching Client

    "I spent my life in a state of confusion about sex, sexuality, intimacy and who I am as a sexual being, due to the projections and twisted messages I received. I thought that I was 'supposed' to have a higher sex 'drive' and that I was 'supposed' to desire my boyfriend sexually at all times if I really loved him. I assumed that there must be something wrong with me since my body's desires and signals didn't match these beliefs. HazelGrace held space for me to be validate that there is nothing wrong with me! She also guided me in discovering WHY my natural state is abstinence at times, which helped me to understand and honor my intuition and signals from my body. I now feel empowered to stand firm in who I Am without shame, and I feel prepared to enter into the next romantic relationship with a solid understanding of sexual energy and intimacy as it relates to my life. The spiritual space that HazelGrace holds is one where true healing occurs. Thank you, HazelGrace!"

    Female, 27

  • Think we might be a match?

    Let's Chat.

    I offer a FREE 45-minute Discovery Session so we can dive into your specific needs and see if working together is a good fit.

  • Sexually Empowered Life Program Client

    "I used to experience resistance to being sexual, without really understanding what was going on for me. I had little awareness when it comes to my genital anatomy and physiology. I also struggled with knowing what I want and asking for it. Because of HazelGrace, I now feel more curious and exploratory with my sexuality. I feel more accepting of my body, more connected to my truest desires, and more loving toward the struggle I see in others and myself. My ability to ask for what I want was the most noticeably improved aspect."

    Female, 38

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