• Women's Reveal Retreat

    ~ Immersive Weekend ~

    May 15-17, 2020

    Bastrop, Texas (outside Austin)


    Bringing Our Sexuality into the Light


  • What is Reveal Retreat?

    An immersive weekend for us to support one another in letting go of body shame and loving our bodies, tapping into the innocence of exploring our erotic bodies, claiming our desires, feeling honored and revered in community, and putting down our masks to play and explore.

    During our journey together, we will have the opportunity to...


    • Reveal ourselves fully as sexual beings.
    • Own our desires easefully and confidently, claim our boundaries, and navigate in community with connection and love. 
    • Witness and be witnessed in our perfect human bodies and explore our bodies and genitals. 
    • Play with attraction out loud, touching and turning on in a safe way. 
    • Explore our desires and find out what we want.

    Our plan for the weekend:

    Reveal will be guided by listening to what the group is wanting, as the group moves through a series of experiences such as:

    • Boundary Explorations
    • Body Honoring Ceremonies
    • Safer Sex Conversations
    • Heart-Centered Connection Exercises
    • Sensual and Erotic Play
    • Authentic and Connecting Games 
    • Dancing


  • Meet the Team

    Dr. Hazel-Grace Yates

    Lead Facilitator

    Hazel-Grace has a doctorate in Human Sexuality and is a Somatic Sex Educator, Trauma Informed Practitioner, and a Sex and Relationship Coach. Her purpose is to end global toxic sexual shame and exalt pleasure.

    Mika Earthspirit

    Lead Facilitator

    Mika Earthspirit is a leader of Authentic Relating Games in Dallas, teaches contact Improv and works with compassionate communication in the public arena. She also advocates and leads body positive, naked positive and sex positive events. She has a passion for bridging and building communities and strongly participates in Dallas, Austin and Houston conscious communities.

    Laurie Ellington


    Laurie is a Relationship and Intimacy Coach. She brings her 20 years experience in the Healing Arts and uses Authentic Relating, Circling, Dance, and Tantric Practices to help people deepen their sense of empowerment and expand their capacity for pleasure. She brings playful curiosity, vulnerable expression, and a sincere desire to “be with what’s here.”

    Nicole Parish

    Retreat Assistant

    Nicole Parish is a Tantra Educator with over 20 years of experience in the healing arts. She is the creator of the WILD Play Parties. Safe, relaxed, and sensual gatherings for people to dip into what they desire and explore with others. It is Nicole's life work to hold space for people to heal, explore, and liberate their sexuality.

    Sophie Kruip

    Retreat Assistant

    Sophie Kruip has been weaving her way through the AR community and women's groups for three years. She brings her wild brightness to this all women's Reveal Retreat! She believes in the inherent goodness in everyone and brings a deep acceptance and support of every participant in their process.

    Sky Yeater

    Retreat Assistant

    Sky Yeater is a leader and relationship coach in the Houston Authentic Relating Community. She is passionate about body and sex positivity and education. Sky is honored to be among these powerful women who heal shame or stifled self expression with acceptance and reverence.

  • What's Provided?

    • Healthy, allergy-friendly plant-based meals (with some meat options)
    • A weekend of facilitated events for self-discovery and expansion.
    • Lodging Options include: Bring your own mattress or camping. Twin beds (11) available for a $50 fee. 
    • A New Community!

    More Details

    Weekend Dates 

    May 15th, 4:00pm - 9:00pm

    May 16th, 10:00am - 10:00pm

    May 17th, 10:00am - 5:00pm



    The retreat will be held at a converted church retreat facility in Bastrop, TX (outside Austin.)


    Retreat Tuition

    Early Bird by April 1st: $500
    Payment Plan - 3 payments of $180
    After April 1st: $600
    Payment Plan - 3 payments of $215


    Work-trade spots are available at a discounted rate!

    Please contact Hazel-Grace for information - hazelgraceyates@gmail.com


    A Note on Gender: As this is a retreat for anyone who identifies as a woman.

  • What Reveal Participants Said About Their Experience

    Before Reveal, I had a story and concern that the expression of my sexuality would be overpowering and overshadow others. During Reveal, I was able to explore my boundaries and feel into the impact of my turn on's and turn off's in a safe and co-created environment. I felt welcome and held. What I'm building from my experience is a deeper trust in myself around my sexuality and a letting go of story about being "too much."

    Like most men... most people, I think... I had a fuck-ton of sexual and energetic hang-ups that were preventing me shamelessly from feeling my authentic truth and the authentic truth of others. Hazel-Grace and Mika held the container with so much grace and skill and bravery, that by the end of the weekend all of those old narratives about my sexuality just had no legs to stand on any more. I feel so much more free now, more in my power - not only sexually, but energetically, and in my ability to confidently discern truth from falsehood in myself and others.

    Reveal was a more powerful, life-enhancing experience than I could ever have imagined. On the other side of this amazing experience, I have landed an expanded and more deeply affirmed sense of my sensual/sexual self. My most intimate relationships continue to feel the further opening of my heart and greater embrace of their emotional, sensual realities; this has enhanced our relationships far beyond my expectations. For myself, I have greater acceptance of my sexual desires and of my body; it's like all aspects of myself have dropped into a sweet, unconditional love-fest.

    I felt a little excitement, but mostly a high degree of calm and trust in the people. Beautiful! I felt safe, welcomed, and free the entire time to just be Me and relate to others authentically from my full sexuality. I am taking away a truer sense of myself, a greater acceptance and love for ALL of my body, and a profound appreciation for the diversity of forms the human body can take.

    Reveal allowed me to drop into myself and see me fully for exactly who I am and love me and be seen and loved for being all of me exactly as I am

    I have been pursuing a path of personal growth, so before the weekend I felt like a fairly advanced practitioner. During, I definitely had some stuff come up, which I expected, and I worked through it. The benefits were that I see how far I have come and see I have tools to use for my own growth and peace of mind.

    OMG so much clearing. I got from the weekend a new confidence in my own power, my own yes, my own no, and my ability to respectful ly and kindly and POWERFULLY meet others in their power, their yes, their no. Above all, just a general energetic clearing around sexuality. It’s like there was a box lingering on the bookshelf, and I finally opened it up and there was nothing in there but a post-it heart with a smiley drawn on it.

  • Your Facilitators: Mika And Hazel-Grace

    What is Reveal Retreat really?

    Let's Talk Genitals

    Communal Erotic Experience: What's the Point?

    Let's Talk Genitals

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