• Women's Temple - Denver

    Embracing our sexual wholeness through sisterhood and embodied practices

  • We gather to co-create a safe and empowering place to cultivate sisterhood. We build reverence for our bodies through self-care rituals, opening to the ongoing discovery and expansion of our sexuality, and allowing pleasure to serve as our teacher and guide.


    In The Women's Temple, you will have the opportunity to...


    • Feel deeply connected to your sisters
    • Heal past wounds around sisterhood
    • Feel deeper enjoyment, appreciation, awareness, and celebration of their bodies
    • Expand your erotic pleasure
    • Celebrate your femininity 
    • Increase your Empowerment around sexuality - including asking for what you want
    • Expand self-care and self-pleasure practices
    • Fall in love with your whole body
    • Build confidence and understanding of the nuances of consent 
    • Connect with, honor, and celebrate your boundaries
    • Increase your ability to communicate with intimacy, vulnerability, and transparency 
    • Boost your confidence in giving to your partner(s)
    • Feel adored and revered by your sisters​
  • What is Women's Temple?



  • How to get involved

    We currently have Women's Temple Weekend in July, with more to come in the future!

    Women's Temple Weekend

    July 26-28

    Weekend at a glance

    Our weekend together will invite the power of sisterhood to support our sexual wholeness and empowerment. This highly experiential weekend will support the shedding of shame and limiting beliefs, bringing us into deep connection to our embodied power, pleasure, and wisdom.


    During our time we will dive deeply into:

    • Embodied consent practices

    • The power of nurturing presence and touch

    • Restoring trust and integrity within sisterhood

    • Boldly asking for our desires

    • Being seen in our bodies in service of releasing body shame and celebrating our beauty and power

    • Anatomy of arousal and hands-on exploration and practice

    • Expanding our capacity for pleasure


    Weekend Details:

    • Located in downtown Denver

    • Friday 6:30pm - 9:30pm, Saturday & Sunday 10:00 - 6:00

    • Limited to 22 participants

    • Simple supper included on Friday evening (gluten- & dairy-free and vegetarian options available)

    • A letter with detailed logistics will be sent prior to the event


    Cost of Weekend:

    • Early Bird by June 15 - $400

    • After June 15 - $500



  • Meet the Team

    Dr. Hazel-Grace Yates

    Lead Facilitator

    Hazel-Grace has a doctorate in Human Sexuality and is a Somatic Sex Educator, Trauma Informed Practitioner, and a Sex and Relationship Coach. Her purpose is to heal the divide between men and women around sexuality. She is also dedicated to ending toxic sexual shame and exalt pleasure.

    Ann DeSutter

    Lead Facilitator

    Ann DeSutter, RN, BSN is an Advanced Certified Tantra Educator, is trained in Adlerian psychology, and has done all four levels of Quodoushka. For over 20 years, Ann has dedicated her life to her own transformation and to assisting others to heal and live in truth with self acceptance and compassion. Her deepest desire is to be fully embodied and free, helping to create a world where no children are ever harmed, and men and women are equal - learning through pleasure with a healthy sense of genital self.

  • Have Questions?

    Email your questions to: womenstempledenver@gmail.com

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